This little piggy

Today’s picture is of a flaming berberis in the Autumn sunshine.berberis

The morning dawned frosty and brilliantly sunny. This was the first Saturday in the month and the producers’ market was open at the sports hall and as we had promised Mrs Tinker to pick up some meat for her, off we went to market ourselves. I purchased fish, meat, soap, cheese (cow’s, goat’s and sheep’s) and potatoes. Mrs Tootlepedal was tempted by some home made bread.

sedumI would have showed you many and varied pictures of the market if I had remembered to take my camera but I didn’t so I can’t. However I did get the camera out when I got home because it was such a lovely day. The sedum was crowned with frost but ooks as though it will still survive.


blackbirdI caught this blackbird on top of the greenhouse. They are not the easiest birds to photographs because, perhaps not very surprisingly, they tend to come out black with no definition. The bright sunlight helped today.



frosty morningAs you can see, the start of the day was chilly but by midday it had warmed up and the weather was very pleasant as I went off to play golf in the winter competition. As usual, I played with Arthur but on this occasion we were joined by by Stewart Paisley too. This must have a very good effect on us because Arthur won the sweep for the best score of the day and I got second prize for the second best score. This was markedly different from the week before and was the more satusfactory for that.

While I was out golfing, Mrs Tootlepedal went for a vigorous walk up Castle Hill and back by Potholm. Unlike me, she remembered to take her camera and she has posted a Picasa Album of pictures from the walk. To whet your appetite, I show two below….

…a little furry friend


and a wonderful view of the Esk Valley

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One thought on “This little piggy

  1. Lovely photograph of the Red Squirrel Mrs. Tootlepedal and makes a nice change from the regular photographs of sparrows and goldfinches from Mr. Tootlepedal, although I must admit I do like his bird photographs.

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