Wind up

Today’s picture  of an acacia tree in her town garden was sent to me by my sister Mary just to show that there is colour everywhere this Autumn.Acacia

In spite of dire weather forecasts and reports of gales and snow all around, the weather in Langholm was not too bad if a bit breezy so Dropscone and I set off round the morning ride as usual. It really was quite windy after we left the shelter of the town but fortunately, after a grind down to Canonbie, the wind was behind us on the exposed middle section. Although it was against on the way back from Wauchope Schoolhouse, we managed to get home in good order.

catWe often watch the birds at the feeders while we have our coffee and Dropscone has kindly sent me the picture on the left to demonstrate why his garden is a comparatively bird free zone. I must say that my love for cats can be described as extremely modified at best and non existent at worst. They dig up plants, make messes and chase birds in other people’s gardens. I wouldn’t mind them so much if they kept their depredations to their owner’s premises.



The weather was cold and windy but the feeders here were full of birds. The only thing that seems to keep them away is very bright, very frosty weather.




I keep trying to get a good picture of a coal tit but it, or they, go out of their way to be annoying. I had the camera set up, the focus right, the exposure just so and then a coal tit arrived at the feeder and deliberately went round the back. I don’t know how they do it. I’ll catch it one of these days.annoying


In the evening, Mrs Tootlepedal and I went to the AGM of the Langholm Recycling Group. The group is a bit down in the dumps at the moment and only 7 people turned up in all. We are going to have another meeting in April with good advance notice to see if any interest in the future of the group can be drummed up. After the meeting, which only lasted 20 minutes, I went down to the bowling club pavilion to get the track ready for next week’s opening  meeting of the slot car racing season.

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