Sight seeing

Today’s picture is of the elusive coal tit at last.

There was no cycling today since I had to go to Carlisle Infirmary for a sight test. Mrs Tootlepedal kindly came with me because I was to have eye drops and would not be able to drive after the test.

There was a striking rainbow over the infirmary as we wandered round the car park vainly trying to find a parking space. In the end I got out and Mrs Tootlepedal drove off to park in a nearby street.

The new Cumberland Infirmary is a handsome building and one of the first to be built under the PFI scheme. Famously the lifts weren’t wide enough at first to take the trolleys but for all that, I think it is a handsome building and I don’t mind going there at all. The eye test was punctual and revealed no problem so we set off to do the town.

We parked the car and I went to visit my favourite shop which is Staples. I managed to contain my buying impulse, which is hard when you are confronted by so many things that would really improve your life like super duper pencil sharpeners and metallic finish envelopes. I did pick up one or two things though. Then on my way back to meet Mrs Tootlepedal, I acquired 500g of coffee beans from Watts’ coffee house and some excellent cheese from the market. This made it a thoroughly worthwhile shopping day for me.


Meanwhile, Mrs Tootlepedal went for a browse round her favourite shop. The Marks and Sparks in Carlisle has two inscriptions on its frontage which are a history lesson in miniature. I always enjoy looking at them.







After shopping, we met as arranged  for a wander round Waterstones. I picked up a book by Lawrence Block, a crime writer I enjoy, and while I was doing this,  I noticed that some wag had placed Tony Blair’s biography in the crime section too. I wouldn’t like to guess whether this was a customer or staff member’s idea.

coffeeWe had a croissant and a coffee in the cafe in the bookshop and then I went back to the car while Mrs Tootlepedal did a little extra browsing.

On our way back home we called in at a new laundry in Longtown to see if they laundered whole downies. They do and no doubt we will give them some business shortly.

Once at home, I did a little archive business and while I was doing it, Mrs Tootlepedal spotted the coal tit you can see above. I rushed to take its picture and for a miracle, it stayed on the feeder for a few seconds before flying away. I couldn’t get the camera on a tripod so the picture is not the best but it is better than anything I have managed with a coal tit so far.

There were no recorders tonight because of holidays and illness and so I didn’t have to go back to Carlisle for a second time today.

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One thought on “Sight seeing

  1. In all the years i have stood outside M & S in Carlisle waiting for Gaye to finish her shopping i never noticed these two inscriptions. Thank you for pointing them out.

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