Grey day

Today’s picture was sent to me by my sister Mary from her recent holiday in the Lake District and stands as a contrast to the New Zealand lake in yesterday’s post.Lake

It is lucky that Mary sent me this lovely picture from last week because today was not a day for taking the camera out at all. It has been very cloudy and, at times, extremely windy too. Fortunately, Dropscone and I were able to sneak out for our morning ride before the wind had got too strong. We had a pleasant enough pedal, well sheltered from the wind for the first eight miles and blown along by it for the next ten. The last three were a bit stiff and major road works made them even slower. We had to wait for a convoy vehicle to guide us through the works. We are not complaining though because the repairs at that spot are much needed and will be very welcome.

I didn’t get out of the house at all for the rest of the day. Mrs Tootlepedal went off on the bus to weigh up some possible fabrics at Dunelm Mill in Carlisle. She is going to make a curtain to hang behind the front door which should cut down our draught quotient even more. She didn’t actually buy anything because that would have been far too hasty but she told me that her mental processes had been beneficially refined by her visit to the fabric shop.

preparationsWhile she was out, I tried my hand at making some fruit scones. This is not a thing I have done before because I have always  regarded life as being too short to spend time rubbing butter into flour. However, as I did have time to kill today, I gave it a go and the results can be seen in the picture on the left.

The cups and saucers were laid out ready for a meeting of the Heritage Trail committee which meets in Wauchope Cottage once a fortnight. This is the group for which I am preparing a DVD of textile and railway history. I am currently waiting for Arthur Bell to organise some notes on the mills and on the machines that they used before I can get down to a having a real go at it.

Anyway, the committee arrived and you can see them hard at work below.

committeeAt the end of the meeting, we were given a disk with material for the booklet on it and we have to look through the stuff with an editorial eye. This is hard work but buoyed up with fruit scones, we should get through it.

In the evening, Mrs Tootlepedal went out again, this time to her pantomime rehearsal and I put in another week of the E & L index and looked at the booklet material.

During the day I spent some time looking at Mr Gill’s blog and being envious of the nuthatch and long tailed tits that visit his feeder.

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