Lesson learned (or tried)

Today’s picture is a glimpse of sun in Mrs Tootlepedal’s favourite plant, grassgrass

It was a good day in the morning for the usual ride and we did it in a reasonable time. The temperature had risen a bit on the past few days and the wind had dropped a lot. The road works on the Lockerbie road had reached Wauchope Schoolhouse so they won’t bother us next time we go round. They are just doing short sections here and there but the bit they did on Wednesday is very welcome as it was a terrible mess before.

Dropscone had lived up to his title and produced some delicious drop scones to go with the coffee so the day had got off to a really first class start.

After I had had my shower, I went off with my camera to the Kilngreen to see if I could put any of the things that I had learned at the Wildlife talk last night into practice. I couldn’t have a had a better day to try. One  problem I found was a tendency to overexpose the whites because of the brilliant sunshine and this was a pity because there were a lot of white birds about but I’ll know better next time.  Moving away from birds for a moment, I caught what I thought was an unusual view through the bridge.bridges

It’s a pity about the debris caught on the left hand side but that is life. I thoroughly enjoyed myself trying to remember what we were told yesterday. I didn’t have a tripod with me so everything was hand held. I have put an album on Picasa (click here to view) if anyone wants to look at it but I’ll put a couple here too.duck



When I got home I shot a couple at the feeders so the garden birds wouldn’t feel left out.










The light wasn’t as good in the shadow of the house as it had been on the Kilngreen as you can see.








Mrs T
Mrs Tootlepedal had been at work in the morning but when she had retuned and we had had our lunch, I went out to help her plant daffodil bulbs on the road side at  Townfoot.


Mr T
Some of you may be amazed that I actually did something helpful so I have got photographic evidence that I was there.

In the evening, I played some enjoyable music with Mrs Tinker while Dr Tinker coughed and spluttered with a bad cold next door while exchanging news with Mrs Tootlepedal.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

5 thoughts on “Lesson learned (or tried)

  1. Looked at your bird album on Picassa, wow! You are a good photographer! Rather crossly back in London but no doubt it will seem better in a day or two! Rachel with me at the moment but leaves to sort things out in Greece before the week is out.

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