Going nowhere

Today’s pictures are replicas of yesterday’s to show that an inch or two of snow fell overnight.

There is still not a great deal of snow on the hill.


As you can see from the slightly muted colour, it wasn’t such a brilliantly sunny day as we have been getting with the cold weather recently. This was disappointing as I have been trying to catch a good picture of a robin without success in recent days and one came along today and posed very nicely.


Unfortunately, he was down in front of the house in the shadows close to the ground, the light was poor and this was all I could manage. You can see he was doing his best to help but I wasn’t able to get the settings right at all. I just have to hope he comes back. It would have made a great shot with the snow.

I was able to catch this blue tit-chaffinch combo because they were higher up but they are still a bit dimly lit.


I finally got the mp3 player charged up and braved the cold to get on the bike to nowhere in the garage. I had an excellent album of nicely paced country music which my daughter Annabel had given me some time ago and I thought that a listen to that would take me at least 45 minutes which wouldn’t be too bad. It came to an end and I looked at my watch and I found that, unbelievably, since I had been pedalling for what seemed like hours, it had only run for 35 minutes. I put on a Chris Barber album and that took me safely to the hour.

That was a good start but whether I can summon up the will power to do it regularly, only time will tell.

The light was a bit better after my pedal to nowhere and I took a couple of bird feeder shots.

I think that is a lady chaffinch on the right.

Two finches

Some goldfinches are now braving the early morning cold but there are still nothing like the little flocks we were having when the weather was warmer.

Since it is Sunday, Mrs Tootlepedal had a pantomime rehearsal so I dusted the snow off the car and drove round to the Kilngreen to see what the sea gulls and ducks were up to.

heronThe tourists’ heron was there, looking decidedly moody in the cold weather. It is extremely tame and photographing it hardly counts as taking pictures of wildlife. All the birds looked a bit cheesed off with me for not bringing any breadcrumbs.

I spent some time trying to catch sea gulls in flight but the light wasn’t strong enough for me to use a really fast shutter speed so I had to discard almost everything I took and in the end I took one or two static shots just because I was there.


I love seagulls. I know that they are a bit of a pest but they look so sharp and clean.gull

This duck was well tucked up.


I did catch one flying shot but it was quite far away.

In the afternoon, I put a week of the E&L into the Archive Group database and was very interested to note that a man up the Esk Valley had contributed an article  to a learned magazine on breeding wild emus in confinement. I don’t how successful he was but there don’t seem to be a lot of emus in Eskdalemuir these days.

I left the exotic world of curry and settled for a simple beef stew and potatoes for my tea. I did buy some little pots of spices and such at the Co-op while I was getting some more milk so I am hoping for culinary treats to come.

On a selfish note, will people please stop voting for Ann Widdecombe. It was bad enough having her hectoring us when she was a politician without having her spoil the only TV reality show I ever watch.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

5 thoughts on “Going nowhere

  1. Good blog but perhaps not quite capturing the madcap hurry and turmoil of our life in the hills. Well done, though, 8

  2. Bob is with you on the boredom of cycling in the garage, even with music. He has a friend in Eastriggs who spends the winter cycling in his garage! He often wonders why.

    Thought you would enjoy the emu story. It brightened us up last Monday when we read it.

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