A garden bench gives a view of the amount of snow that had fallen this morning.bench

It snowed a little more through the day but in the evening it began to snow in earnest. I shall put a picture on tomorrow’s post to show the difference.  Although it says on the news that Scotland has been put in a stranglehold by the snow, we, in our small corner, have got away pretty lightly so far and Mrs Tootlepedal was able to visit her place of work by bike as our roads were quite clear.

It is still not safe and far too cold to cycle any distance with pleasure so I resorted to the bike to nowhere in the garage again today. I found an album of fifties skiffle and early rock and roll (Lonnie Donegan, Tommy Steele etc.) which was just what was required. The tempos were upbeat, the nostalgia was uplifting and the album lasted 62 minutes which fitted in with my pedalling requirements precisely.

I have been corrected by Dr Cat Barlow, the Moorland Project Officer, on a couple of captions on Saturday’ Blog (‘A lot of sitting down’). The bird on the wire was not a sparrow but a reed bunting. She says that these are common garden birds. I will look at my sparrows more carefully in the future.

I am pretty sure that this is a goldfinch. I do like them and I don’t really apologise for putting so many pictures of them on the blog.goldfinch

While I am enjoying a leisurely retired life in the winter sunshine, it is not so much fun for my sons. Anthony’s painting business in Edinburgh is greatly hampered by the bad weather. He promises to send me a photo of the Edinburgh snow soon. Alistair, who travels daily from Glasgow to Edinburgh had a very tedious journey both ways today (an hour and a half each way) and doesn’t see any reason why it should get better soon. There are some consolations to being old and grey.

recordingIn the afternoon, I was visited by Arthur Bell and we made a start at recording a narration for the mill pictures on the Heritage DVD. We have no problem finding things to say. Arthur is a man who knows so much about the subject that his problem is not in thinking of what to put in so much as thinking of what  to leave out. We have made a very promising start and the finished result should be quite interesting.

Oh look, here’s another goldfinch.goldfinch

and a chaffinch

…and a blue tit on the fat bag. This has lasted much longer than we thought it would especially compared with the niger seed which the goldfinches eat. That goes down like water down a drain.

fat bag

In the evening, while Mrs Tootlepedal was  at another pantomime rehearsal,  I went for a short session at the slot racing in the Bowling Club. There were only two of us as our third member is playing the dame in the pantomime and was rehearsing too. When I got home, I put  a week of the E&L into the database. No emus in this week.

As I write this, the snow has stopped so perhaps there won’t be much to show tomorrow after all.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

One thought on “Progress

  1. Well done for finding suitable bicycling music! We have snow too and Mary and Rachel are out walking in it. I expect photographs will follow.

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