No tootling, no pedalling

There was more snow last night so here’s a fresh garden picturegarden 30

It felt as though there was quite a lot of snow but by the end of the day, when I measured it, there was 2 inches. My son Anthony and my sister Mary have kindly sent me their snow pictures from Edinburgh and London so it looks as though this time, we really are all in it together.

George Street, Edinburgh

Kenwood, London

I gave the cycling a rest this morning because the garage pedalling was giving me a very stiff back, probably because you don’t alter your position much when you’re on a static bike. Instead, I turned my hand to making a gingerbread for a Heritage Trail meeting in the afternoon. With guidance from Mrs Tootlepedal (cook books assume a lot of knowledge…what does ‘grease and line the tin’ mean?), I followed the instructions and put the mixture in the oven. When I took it it out to check whether the top needed covering with foil to avoid burning, I only spoiled it a little by dropping it on the floor. I pushed it together and stuck it back in the oven. It smelled delicious and most of it looked good when I got it out.  I was going to have a picture of the group eating it but it went down so quickly that I hadn’t got time to get the camera out. It can’t have been too bad.

Nancy, the new Archive Group treasurer, came to visit to get me to sign the necessary forms to change the signature for the bank. This simple task, changing one signature for another, required two forms, about four of my signatures and what seemed liked six pages of questions. It wasn’t so much that we had to fill in hundreds of answers as that they were trying to cover every possible contingency on one form. It must constitute a tremendous waste of time and money to have to do things in this way.

In between times, I took a few shots of the birds. The goldfinches were back in force today and generally there were a lot of birds in the garden. Maybe they have got used to the cold now.

gold over there
It's over there

I like to get different combinations and I don’t think I’ve had this one before..

..and perhaps not this either

It is unusual to see the goldfinches on the peanuts and here is one looking just like a bluetit..


Because it was snowy and mostly because it so cold as well, we decided not to risk driving to Carlisle to play recorder tonight. We probably could have gone but it seemed sensible not to take a risk. If it had been during the day, I would have had no problems about going to Carlisle but the late hour of the return put me off.

The day has been beautiful in spite of the snow and the chill and I took this picture of the monument from an upstairs window at about 3pm.

If I was superstitious, I might have been put into a state of wonder by this fiery trail in the sky. What could it portend?

I shall spend the evening doing useful Archive and Heritage Trail work so in spite of the lack of pedalling and tootling, the day won’t have been entirely wasted. For my birthday, I bought myself a new laptop today using Ebay and Paypal. I felt very up to date. I just hope it actually comes. The old one is very heavy, very, very slow and crashes all the time so although it resembles me in a lot of ways, it had to go. Does anyone want it?

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6 thoughts on “No tootling, no pedalling

  1. You are fortunate to have had blue sky with your snow – very scenic!
    And splendid bird pics as usual.

  2. I can’t get over your bird pictures, every one a delight! Rachel enjoyed the walk with Mary this morning and took some very good pictures herself. Hope the laptop works out well.

  3. Great photos, Tom, so clear. If you google Haiths you will see the birdfoods I was on about. I’ve taken the archive forms to the bank and the girl was a bit unsure if we had done it right but she was going to get Joyce Ireland to check. Rosemary working from home today at Kinross due to Forth bridge being shut.

  4. Forgot to say I had a good journey to Annan last night. Worst bit was the car park which was smooth ice. I could have curled on it!

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