A trip up Wauchope

I have received quite a few photos from friends. This one is from my sister Susan’s friend, Rachel. She says it is a duck. I believe her. The thaw continues here but the going underfoot continues to be very slippery. I went up to buy more bird feed and it was extremely treacherous. Unfortunately, itContinue reading “A trip up Wauchope”

Christmas Day (as if you didn’t know)

Today’s picture is a sheep surprised by my sister Mary on a walk. We never dreamed it would be like this but when we woke up it was a white Christmas. My son Alistair took this picture of the snow to prove it. My sisters went off to the morning service at the church whichContinue reading “Christmas Day (as if you didn’t know)”

Red in tooth and claw (or head and wing)

Today’s picture is another of my sister Mary’s from her morning walks. It is from Swan Lake on Ice. The day started very well with no frozen pipes so the cutting of the boiler pipe seems to have done the trick. The only problem now is to remember to empty the basin. It was nearlyContinue reading “Red in tooth and claw (or head and wing)”