Art and tears

Today’s picture is my new laptop which has come very promptly and so far has worked all right. Whether it will be as good as I hoped, only time will tell.


The business of the morning was to visit the Langholm Art Club show in the Library Buildings so it was on with the wellies, gloves and hat for Mrs Tootlepedal and I and out into the wide, white world. I thought the exhibition was most enjoyable and that the artists concerned really had done good work. While I was up in town, I took the opportunity to buy some more niger seed and another suet ball. The pavements were very slippery and uncomfortable. I met an old chap on my way down the street who muttered as he went past, “I’m too old for this.”  I had to agree with him. You just don’t bounce like you did when you were young any more.

Back in the safety of the house, I took to my usual pastime of staring out of the window to what’s there. My usual friends were in evidence.

goldfinch siskin

…and I was glad to see that a brambling was back as well.

fuzzy brambling

…and I certainly haven’t seen this combination on a feeder before.

brambling starling

The goldfinches like the niger seeds and don’t usually try the other feeders but the cold weather is making the need for a nibble overcome custom. This goldfinch seems to have learned from the siskin how to attack a peanut feeder.

heads down

In the afternoon, Arthur Bell came round once more and we grappled for a couple of hours with the problem of turning a very complicated business, weaving cloth, into a very simple story that can be told with 20 pictures in ten minutes. We are winning, I think. He will be back tomorrow for what will be the last of these sessions. He is suffering from a frozen water supply and we are keeping our fingers crossed that ours holds out. The forecast says that we will finally get above freezing on Thursday. I hope they are right.

cauldronMrs Tootlepedal had a lovely time turning an bright red plastic agricultural feed tub into a witches cauldron for her pantomime. My photo doesn’t do it justice. I think she missed her vocation. Property master at the Royal Opera House is where she should be.

My internet connection is not working as quickly as it should and I spent four hours downloading programs for my new laptop so that made for a rather dull evening. I passed the time waiting for the downloads to complete by watching two parts of the German season on BBC Four. I don’t know if they do it on purpose but the filming drove me mad with jump cuts, nauseating pans, staring at the presenter and irritating music. They just can’t leave you alone to watch and learn in peace. I always assume it is because the producers of the program don’t know or care what the programmes are about, it’s the camera work that counts for them. Mrs Tootlepedal tells me not to watch them when I drive her mad with my moaning but the point is that I want to watch them. They are interesting programmes made intolerable.

There, I feel better now, a little rant does you good.

Here’s a couple more birds to leave me in a good mood.sparrow greenfinch

We are both going to the dentist tomorrow. Ah well, it can’t be as bad as watching the TV.


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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

2 thoughts on “Art and tears

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more about the difficulty of watching interesting documentary programmes, where, for instance, you see far too much of the presenter and get distracted by the music!

  2. Good luck at the dentist both of you. I agree about the mess they make of a perfectly good programme, it drives me mad but I have no one to grizzle except Rachel when she is here! Lovely Bramling.

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