Unexpected bonus

Today’s picture is of Adrian, our winter B&B guest, who is working at EWMAdrian

There were three unexpected bonuses today. The first was an excellent picture sent to me by my sister Mary, probably from Regents Park during one of her morning walks. She has obviously been reading the camera manual most carefully.

What an excellent picture it is. The next bonus was from Dropscone when he came for a cup of coffee. He had thought that Arthur might be with us so he had brought enough drop scones with him for three. However we were quite easily able to polish them all off  between the two of us. Arthur was busy at the Archive Centre doing the E&L index.

Grange QuarryThe third bonus was a temperature of 4º which let me get out for a ride to Grange Quarry and back. They are hacking away half a hill at the quarry and the constant stream of quarry lorries doesn’t do the potholes any good.




It was rather gloomy today and much colder than Saturday when there was a pleasant sun shining but it was very clear down to the Solway from the top of Callister. My little cycling camera can’t do the view justice. I shall have to stiffen my sinews and take the new camera, which is pretty heavy with its lenses in its backpack, if I want to capture these views properly.

In the gulley



I had invited Dropscone to come out pedalling but he chose to play golf and sent me this picture of Jim, his regular golfing partner, in what is technically known as “a wee spot of bother”.




The light wasn’t very good in the morning so I didn’t take many bird feeder pictures but I managed one or two.


and another..


..oh, I see there were three


..and a mini tree trunk

tree trunk

While I was out cycling, Mrs Tootlepedal went to Brampton to see if she could get my mother’s French horn mended. The French horn mender was out so she left it and will have to wait until tomorrow to see whether it will be worth fixing.

In the evening she went out to the dress rehearsal for the panto (which is sold out for four of its five days) and has not returned as I write this. I went out to our slot car racing and had good fun for an hour. When I have posted this, I will go and put in a week of the E&L index. A full and cheerful day (except for the sparrow who looks a bit grumpy).


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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

4 thoughts on “Unexpected bonus

  1. Loved Mary’s picture plus the usual gorgeous birds. I might even get to recognise which one is which. Your eldest sisters are off to Paris for the day this morning but without cameras.

  2. I don’t know why I just noticed but that little yellow one has got a bracelet. S/he must be being tracked somewhere.

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