Still cold but snowless

Today’s picture is a male bramblingbrambling

I was hoping to see the redpoll back again but it seems to have made only a flying visit. The brambling adds a bit of brightness to the everlasting snowy view out of the kitchen window. Although it hasn’t snowed a lot lately, the garden is in shade for much of  these short days and the lawns are still covered with snow. It’s beginning to look very like last year again. If it is like last year, the cold winter seemed to lead to a pretty well midge free summer so it is an ill wind as they say.

I put some bread out and as a result we were investigated by some passing seagulls and I was able to catch them reflecting the early morning sunshine. There are four gull pictures so skip them if you don’t like gulls.





I must say that I didn’t think much of gulls before I started taking photos of them but now I  am impressed by their elegance in flight.

I went off to lay down some newspapers and use the sucking up machine on the carpet in the Tourist Information Point at the Kilgreen after the flood there. The carpet is still wet but the newspaper didn’t get immediately soaked so the sucking up may be making a difference. I hope so because it is quite a boring activity to do if it is not doing any good.

The pavements in the town are a credit to the council’s efforts and by and large they are very ice and snow free. I walked along to the Archive Centre to do some of the administrative things that I didn’t do last night because of the power cut without any danger of slipping.

Ross and Gary

When I got home I found that Ross and Gary had arrived to do some minor repairs to the front hall.They have also taken the old front gate away and are going to make a copy of it so we will have wider front gates which will make it easier for guests to get their cars into the drive.



Mrs Tootlepedal was cleaning in the B&B bathroom and I took this shot of  her looking out of the bathroom velux trying to see what I was up to in the garden. I was waiting for more gulls but they didn’t come.



In the afternoon we did all our Christmas cards. I hope they have gone off early enough to arrive before Christmas. Fortunately, The Royal Mail seems to be seizing its chance to show that it is more reliable than the commercial carriers in the current weather difficulties so we hope for the best.

titIn between time, I kept an eye on the new feeder. It is full of stuff called ‘country crush’ and is very pricey, largely I presume because of the fancy packet it comes in. It received few visitors and at this rate will last a long time. This great tit (I think from his black head) was one of the few to try it out.



He was soon back at the lard ball where I shot this blue tit. This seems to be the blue tit’s food of choice.

Someone suggested recently that I should try to count the different sorts of birds in the garden but I would find that difficult as I can’t distinguish between the sparrows for a start.

We had our usual busy queue at the niger seed and you can see four goldfinches and a siskin eating or waiting, while on the right two sparrows tuck into the grass seeds.


Greenfinches are regular visitors too. Here’s one sharing peanuts with a siskin.

siskin greenfinch

After all the Christmas cards were written and posted, I got a rush of blood to the head and tidied up and rearranged the front room. We have five visitors coming for Christmas so Alistair and Clare will be sleeping in it and I have made a bit more space for them than there was. It also gives me a better working area than I had before so it is a win win situation.

In the evening,Mrs Tootlepedal went off to the Panto and she assured me, when she got home, that once again they had knocked  ’em dead. I am looking forwards to seeing it tomorrow.  While she was out, Mrs Tinker came round and we enjoyed playing sonatas by William Williams, Andrew Parcham and Handel.



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3 thoughts on “Still cold but snowless

  1. Enjoyed the panto very much and Alison played a blinder. I particularly liked the old woman with the long nose which she had to wipe after drinking the water. Her delivery is wonderful and she is a joy to watch.

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