Still plenty to do

Today’s picture is of snow in North London. On a nice day, my sister Mary likes to have breakfast outside in this cafe at Kenwood  but not yesterday as you can see from her picture.Snow in Kenwood

Mrs Tootlepedal started the day with what would have been a well deserved lie-in if she hadn’t got up in the middle of the night to watch the final of Strictly Come Dancing on the BBC I-player. In the end, we rose late and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast in her case and a more interrupted one in my case as I saw a redpoll at the feeder and jumped to get the camera.

redpoll goldfinch

..other birds were available too, as they say in the announcements..



…a regular visitor now


I am trying to get a grip on my sparrow recognition…

male and female house sparrow
Male and female house sparrow (I think)
millenium bridge
Mrs Tootlepedal crossing the Esk


After lunch, we gathered ourselves together and went out for a walk round the Castleholm. It was another lovely day as long as you were in the sunshine. In the shade, it was absolutely freezing.



scots pine


The Scots pines along the bank of the Esk were looking magnificent in the sun. I was very good and didn’t take any pictures of passing seagulls at all so we got round in good time.


Buccleuch centre


On our way home, I was struck by the very pink light on the front of the Buccleuch Centre which gave it a rather Californian look, I thought.




genial host
Bob greets a guest


After a refreshing cup of tea, we set out again to a soiree given by Bob and Nancy to celebrate 30 years in Caroline Street. This was a well attended do and we had to fight to get near the excellent feed that had been supplied. Bob cooks a mean meringue so I took care to have one or two of these.


Mrs Tootlepedal in conversation


The guests were a fine bunch and the brandy was excellent too so it was with quite a wrench that I tore myself away to get home in time for my tea of mince and tatties.




Mrs Tootlepedal and the choir's conductor, Tony Peacock


The reason for the rush was that we were going out in the evening for a concert at the Buccleuch Hall given by the choir Mrs Tootlepedal sings in when she is not being an evil witch. This was a most enjoyable Christmassy affair with jolly songs, carols for the audience and the Langholm Junior Brass Band in attendance.


I leave you with pictures of my favourite birds. I like them not just for their vivid colours but also for the fact that they are very good at standing still. This makes them easy to photograph.




I don’t know what was so interesting over there. In the course of the day, I checked to see how the worms are coping with the very low temperatures and I can report that they are still alive and wriggling.

Just one last bird…

A female chaffinch


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5 thoughts on “Still plenty to do

  1. Hi Tom
    I am reading your blog from Montreal you may be pleased to hear! It is a lovely reminder of home. I am off to New York tomorrow for Christmas; then home just before New Year if the weather allows..

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