Apple pie order

Today’s picture is of a frozen Wauchopefrozen wauchope

Today started yet again with an hour spent unfreezing the outlet pipe from the B&B bath. However, this time we think we have discovered the reason for the freezing even when the plug of the bath is in. Mrs Tootlepedal found that the condensate pipe from our new, efficient combi boiler had been plumbed into the bath outlet and as it pours out water on a regular basis, this was what has been doing the freezing. The fact that these boilers constantly cause problems in cold weather will come to as no surprise to anyone who has one. The manufacturers even have handy hints on their website on how to unfreeze frozen pipes! The people who put these boilers in either didn’t know or didn’t care about the problems they were going to cause.  Our local plumber came to see if we needed help and when he had seen the fitter’s work, he asked, somewhat caustically we thought, if they had tied up their horses at the gate while they plumbed.

In the end, we did what many others have done in the same circumstances and cut the pipe and put a bowl underneath it. Both our immediate neighbours and Dropscone have all suffered from freezing outlets so we don’t feel alone at all.

After the pipe was freed, I went up to the town to stock up on fancy bird foods and vegetables for Christmas. Carrying the bag back to the house made me worry about the effect it might have on my back but, in fact, my back seemed to be better for the bit of exercise.

Talking of Dropscone, he came round for a cup of coffee and kindly brought an apple tart which he happened to have about him. Arthur Bell joined as and between us we made short work of the tart. After coffee, I went to the dentist for a non painful visit so the morning can be described as variable in quality.

There were birds about in the middle of all this activity.

Greenfinches obviously shouting "Ahoy there!"
A brambling shouting, "get orff."
A siskin hanging about.

In the afternoon, I went down to Longtown in the car both to give the car a run out and make sure it was working and to pick up some coal for the fire in the front room. Sandy Gill had told me last week that the trees beside the A7 had been covered in a beautiful coating of frost and the same was true today. The tree pictures are taken with my little travelling camera.




Oddly enough, on the journey back, the trees are not white at all as the sun has cleared the frost off the south facing sides.

There were still some birds about when I returned.

A brambling on the new feeder
And a chaffinch. You can see what a tricky grip it is to hang on to this.
coal tit
A coal tit goes nuts

After all the excitement of the day so far, I settled into  traditional mode and put a week of the E&L into the index while Mrs Tootlepedal, who is still recovering from her dramatic endeavours last week, had a little snooze. Later on Mrs Tootlepedal and I both registered on Skype for the first time just to see what it is all about. We enjoyed the remarkable technological feat of talking to each other through our computers while sitting in the same room. Modern life at its zingiest.

Mrs Tootlepedal's favourite type of plant

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2 thoughts on “Apple pie order

  1. Glad your back didn’t suffer with all that shopping and well done for alleviating the frozen pipe problem. I have one of those boilers but the steam goes straight outside so no problem.

    I have a webcam and am registered on Skype. My address is susan,hutton8. What’s yours?

    Lovely birds as usual!

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