Out and about at last

Today’s picture is of a large skein of geese over the Esk near the border taken with my little camera. You can just see them if you peer very hard.geese

The temperature has been so benign (above freezing) for a few days that Dropscone and Arthur were able to play in the winter golf competition today and I was able to get out on my road bike. I kept off the side roads and went down the A7 to Longtown and then the A6071 towards Brampton. I stopped at Newtown on the line of the Roman wall which is 20 miles from home.

bikeI gave the bike a bit of a rest there while I ate a slice of walnut and banana loaf and had a handful of prunes. Thus fortified, I turned for home into a light northerly wind. The last ten miles home, with two steady, gentle but mile long climbs, were quite taxing but I managed 15 mph for the journey and got back tired and happy.

I may say that it had taken me about and hour and half to get organised  to go out what with having an extra cup of tea and trying to find where I had left all my biking equipment. When I got back, I had  a refreshing cup of tea and a cheese toastie and slumped into a bath and read a Dick Francis novel. The ride and the bath thus took up most of the day but very pleasantly.

duncanIn the evening we were honoured by a first footing visit from Duncan, accompanied by his owners. We enjoyed a sloe gin and a glass of Chilean red and even attempted a port and elderberry liqueur. Duncan stuck to the whisky.

I did manage to poke the camera out of the window before my bath and I have put a few of the results below.

A chaffinch waiting for its go at a feeder
A chaffinch on its way, brambling on the feeder, sparrow below
A rather blurred siskin coming in to land
A siskin at the new sunflower seeds
A sparrow taking its turn at the sunflower seeds
siskin goldfinch
Siskin and a goldfinch. The siskin demonstrating typical wastage
A goldfinch



Published by tootlepedal

Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

2 thoughts on “Out and about at last

  1. Glad you had a proper Scots New Year and that the bike has come back into use after so long, fancy the weather being good enough for game of golf too.

    I loved the final goldfinch, one of your best.

  2. Pleased to hear that you were out and about on your bike again.
    Nice picture of the chaffinch, among others.
    Back on the tennis court here, after 3 weeks off!

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