A trip to the big city

Today’s picture was sent by Dylan, who we went to visit today. I am glad to see that wires get in the way of pictures in Edinburgh just like they do down here.forth road bridge

I managed to snatch two photos of birds today before we went off to Edinburgh to visit my son Anthony and his family and his dogs.

two careless siskins

You just can’t talk to siskins. As you can see from the photo above, they are both carelessly dropping seeds onto the ground regardless of expense. I begin to understand how Mrs Tootlepedal must feel as I lumber round the house leaving things lying about all over the place.

goldfinch siskin

The goldfinches and siskins seem to like the sunflower seeds as much as the niger seeds.

going to lunch


We drove up to Edinburgh after failing to find trains that would run at the time that we needed. Anthony, Marianne, Dylan and Tash all came to lunch with us at a nearby Toby Carvery.

As you can see we were all dressed in very festive looking gear. The good thing was that all the snow that fell on Edinburgh had pretty well disappeared and the walking was safe.

party scarf
At least one of us had a party scarf on

The lunch in the carvery was pretty good and, even better, very reasonably priced. As we ate, it started to snow outside and I was a bit worried about the drive home but luckily it stopped almost as soon as it started.

After lunch Anthony, Marianne, Mrs Tootlepedal and the youngsters went off to the pictures and I got a lift up to Haymarket to meet my son Alistair off a Glasgow train. He had had to share it with a full load of Rangers and Celtic supporters returning from the New Year derby game so he was quite pleased to get off. We walked down towards Murrayfield where we going to watch Edinburgh play Glasgow but paused on the way to have some delicious chips for Ben Hur’s chip shop near the ground.

pitch diggers
Divot replacers at work at half time

The first half of the match was absolutely fantastic to watch and I was surprised how soon the half time whistle went. The second half didn’t live up to that level of excitement but it finished on a high note with Glasgow pushing like mad to score a match winning try in the last moments of the game only to be foiled by an Edinburgh interception and breakaway try. Oh dash. Alistair, who is a loyal Glasgow supporter, was very sad at the outcome but he had enjoyed the game in spite of the result.

After the game, he went off to catch the train home and I walked down to Ferry Road and arrived at Anthony’s door  just as the cinema party returned. All in all, it was a very good day out and the drive home was completed with an almost complete lack of traffic. We passed no-one and no-one passed us.

Life returns to normal tomorrow after the joys of the holiday. It will seem very dull for a bit so I am hoping for exciting bird visitors to cheer me up (and good cycling weather).


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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

2 thoughts on “A trip to the big city

  1. Loved Dylan’s photograpg despite the wires. Glad you enjoyed the match. I think the place where you had lunch was where they took us when we visited a couple of years ago. I remember the food was good and value for money.

  2. Can’t wait to hear about what you are going to say about your 9 holes of golf with all the old men. 355 years between us five.

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