Back on course

Today’s picture is a London squirrel provided by my sister Mary, who is obviously getting to grips with her camera really well.squirrel

Dropscone dropped in this morning after we had said goodbye to our B&B guest. He brought a traditional portion of black bun with him to see in the New Year. He also brought a slice of stollen cake so he was even more welcome than he usually is. I was very stiff after all the driving and sitting yesterday but the coffee and the black bun must have worked wonders because  I felt able to go up and play golf in the afternoon.

Jim shows his inimitable style on the sixth tee

When I got there, I became part of a very mature five ball with a total age of well over 350 years. The weather was good until the last few holes when the sun went behind a cloud and the north wind got very penetrating.

I hadn’t played for quite a few weeks so I was pleased to hit a few good shots among the general rubbish. In spite of enjoying, the walk, the company and watching George  hole monster putts, I don’t think I am up to eighteen holes just yet but I hope to join the afternoon geriatrics again next week.

For my tea I enjoyed a plate of mince with some rather exotic linguine which we had been given as a gift some time ago and then went off the to the Bowling Club to enjoy an hour’s slot car racing with Les. The tracks are running well and if it wasn’t so darned cold, it would be perfect. It had started to snow by the time we left the pavilion which was very disappointing but the forecast is quite optimistic so I am hoping that cycling will not be hampered too much.

The bird feeders well were populated and sticking the ISO up quite high, I took quite a few pictures during the day. If you have the patience to look at them, I’ve stuck some of them below.


A passing gull
I think the one on the left is a female siskin, the one on the right is a redpoll
I am not sure about this one at all. A female greenfinch perhaps.
Definitely a siskin
A redpoll
A gull coming back
Goldfinches and a greenfinch at a busy time
Goldfinch and redpoll

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

3 thoughts on “Back on course

  1. Glad that you were fit enough to manages 9 holes and thoroughly enjoyed the gallery of birds, especially the one with the 3 birds.

  2. I don’t yet know my way around this blogging lark so this may be in the wrong place at the wrong time, however when skimming through yours I saw Mary’s photo of a London squirrel and since I have just started a blog with a squirrel entry I thought it an apt connection, if I could figure out how to do it! Try

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