On the road at last

Today’s picture is of two siskins just to show that although the temperature may change, some things stay the same.siskins

From a bird feeder point of view, it was a curious day. The appearance of the birds was very sporadic indeed with an almost complete absence of bramblings for instance. The temperature was up to 8º today and the ice has almost disappeared and with it most of the birds. It will be interesting to see if they come back tomorrow but it seems as if they felt very like most people in Langholm and were only too delighted to spread their wings in the warmer weather. The phrase that comes to mind is ‘fair weather friends’ but it is, under the circumstances, highly inappropriate. Still, it is saving me money which is good.

The up side of all this is that I got out on the bike for the first time since New Year’s Day. I went off up the Wauchope road but, sadly, there were still patches of ice about on it and by the time I got to Callister, it had become very foggy as well. I didn’t fancy risking meeting an icy patch in poor visibility so I turned round and went back to Langholm and then up the A7 towards Hawick for 5 miles. The main road was ice free and the traffic was very light so it was an enjoyable experience. In all, I did twenty miles at a modest speed. I am looking forward to going out for a morning ride with Dropscone tomorrow. I took this shot at Ewes Church as it shows a typical view of the country round here.

up Ewes

There were some birds about when I got back…a redpoll looking a bit forlorn..


..a goldfinch looking pretty sharp…


..and a blackbird looking rather puzzled.


In the afternoon, I buckled down to some work and put a week of the E&L into the database and did a good session of work on the DVD. The section I am dealing with follows the journey by rail from Riddings Junction to Langholm in words and pictures and I am enjoying putting it together.

I curried some second hand mince for my tea and then went out with Jean and Sandy to the Archive Centre. They are scanning pictures from some photo competitions we ran about the time of the millennium to record local scenes. We gave entrants one of those disposable cameras which were popular then so that they would concentrate more on the subject of the photo than arty shots and the results are very much in line with what we hoped for. When they are scanned, we will have a special section on the website for them.

While they were doing that, I put another week and a half of the E&L in. Arthur has been very enthusiastic in the indexing department and I still have ten weeks to put in before next Thursday! However, a couple of pints in the Douglas have given me a rosy outlook on the world and I didn’t fall over either on the bike or on the way home from the pub so that makes it a very good day.


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3 thoughts on “On the road at last

  1. Glad to hear that you are pedalling again!
    Also, that the ice has nearly gone.
    It is extremely mild here, but grey as usual.

  2. Glad you are out and about again, your day sounds as if it been a really good one. We went to see Salad Days, still a jolly good show!

  3. So pleased to read you are “on yer bike again”. Thank you very much for the photos of Dropscone actually making and cooking the dropscones – now I know they are not a figment of your imagination!!

    If Mrs. Tootlepedal has finished “polishing the stainless steel” I wonder if she has some time to spare, could she come and polish my copper and silver?

    Super photographs, keep them coming please.

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