A lunch party

Today’s picture is an old engraving of the Langholm Distillery sent to me by a visitor to the Langholm Archive websitedistillery

It is appropriate to put in an archive picture today because it was also the day of the annual archivists’ lunch in the Crown Hotel.

archive lunchWe have a good squad of volunteers at the moment and with their various partners, seventeen sat down to eat with only two absentees. The food was good and the conversation animated. We had a room to ourselves and the whole affair was voted a success by those present.



Mrs Tootlepedal had to leave promptly at the end of the meal to attend a meeting of the Embroiderers’ Guild, where she learnt to do interesting things with a sponge and some felt. She was very pleased with her first attempts.



There are absolutely no bird pictures today because from morning to night, it has been blowing a gale and raining. I did try to take one just to give a general picture of the desolation but it was not even worth processing.

I lingered after the meal for more conversation and a glass of wine and then returned home to do some archive work. I started by optical character reading a scan of the parish magazine of May 1965 and adding it to the collection of magazines already on the website and then I entered a couple of weeks of the E&L into the database.

I had intended to have a feta cheese and potato bake for my tea but I had done so well at the lunch that I settled for a light cheese omelette instead. As I type this, the wind is still whistling round the house in a very ferocious manner and the rain is still battering on our end wall so I hope we all survive the night and are here again tomorrow when the forecast is somewhat more benign.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

6 thoughts on “A lunch party

  1. The picture of the Langholm Distillery shows a Railway Viaduct in the left hand corner so where about was this as it is not familiar to me. Is it perhaps not a true photograph but an artists impression and they have just invented some aspects of it.

    1. I think the bridge may be a representation of Skippers. It is an artistic impression because the hills behind the distillery aren’t quite right either.

  2. Sorry to read about the wild weather and hope you and the house wall survived the night. Missed the bird pictures though.

  3. Hope the wind and rain have abated and that your end wall has stood up to the battering.
    Very blustery here yesterday, but calming down today and actually a little sunshine this a.m. which was a pleasant change from the grey.

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