A pedal and a tootle

Today’s picture was taken on a recent walk on Whita Hill by my tootling friend Susan. It certainly has that romantic air which the landscape painters loved.

The day started with a ride round the morning run with Dropscone. He has got a heart monitor after reading an article on getting fit in a magazine and he looks at it in wonder as his pulse goes over 170 up the hills. I hope it is going to slow him down a bit so that I can keep up with him on the steep bits.

We didn’t have coffee afterwards because it was quite wet on the way round and I had got cold and needed a shower. I also had to go back to Longtown to get the old pedals taken off my bike and the new ones put on after we were unable to shift the old ones ourselves.

The main interest of the day was whether the birds would take to the new feeder or not. They spent the first part of the day sitting in the plum tree twittering (presumably along the lines of, “Where’s the food gone?”) but after a while they did approach the new feeder and by the afternoon, they were queuing up to have a nibble.

brambling flying
A brambling making its way to the new station


brambling on way
A brambling nearly there
A brambling having just arrived
I got here first
brambling attack
Everyone for themselves
A brambling keeping its eye out for attacks

So the new feeder was soon busy and underneath there were pickings to be had…

By a blackbird
and a wood pigeon
A blue tit on the peanuts which I left on the plum tree

I took two pictures on the niger seed feeder because they show so well the different sizes of bramblings, goldfinches and siskins

In the afternoon, Mrs Tootlepedal went for a walk on Whita Hill herself but didn’t take any photographs. While she was out, I ordered a new tax disc for the car on-line, organised my correspondence and put a week of the E&L into the database. We both felt very viruous as we drank a well earned  cup ot tea on her return.

I had bought a mirror to fix on Mrs Tootlepedal’s  bike but the fitting was too narrow for the handlebars so it was lucky that Dr Tinker happened to call round with our French horn which he had repaired, because he was able to adapt the fitting so that the mirror could be installed. He is a very handy man to know.

After I had had some delicious mince and tatties for my  tea, I went off to Carlisle with Susan to play recorders. All six of us were there again this week and we enjoyed ourselves as usual with a selection of old and new music.

The playing was followed by a nice cup of  tea and a really excellent Thornton’s chocolate biscuit so that was ten out of ten for the evening.

For those who are anxiously waiting for news of the wormery, I can report that the worms seem to have survived the very cold weather and are wriggling about with gay abandon.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

4 thoughts on “A pedal and a tootle

  1. Lovely photo from Susan.

    Joyce, the feeder is from a company called Gardman and they have lots of things on amazon.com including an excellently named nut fort! As well as various nut feeders they have a great seed feeder with a tube that slides down over the feed if a squirrel pushes down on it. Anyway hope that’s useful.

    1. Thanks again Annie. I will certainly check that out. I just love Amazon, you don’t even have to brave the weather!

  2. You have surpassed yourself with the pictures of the birds on the new feeder, they are absolutely splendid!

    Glad your evening music went so well too.

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