Back again

Today’s picture is another from my sister Mary from her walks around London. This is the Regent’s canal. It was taken at 10.30 this morning which shows how much nicer the weather was in Langholm than in London. It was another beautiful day here, made even better by the return of Mrs Tootlepedal and goodContinue reading “Back again”

All alone

Today’s picture is of a smiling frog The day started with  an early drive to Carlisle to take Mrs Tootlepedal to catch a train to London so that she could go to visit her mother in hospital where she is recovering from an operation after a fall. The traffic was very light, the required ticketsContinue reading “All alone”

Not getting about much

Today’s picture shows why the morning ride was not an attractive option. Instead of pedalling, I buckled down to do some of the final work on the DVD before today’s committee meeting. Arthur Bell came round and I took the opportunity to show him three sections to check that I hadn’t made any major factualContinue reading “Not getting about much”

Nearly there

Today’s picture was taken in Richmond park by my sister Mary. There’s a lot of wildlife in London’s parks. The weather was slightly warmer and almost windless as Dropscone and I enjoyed our morning cycle. We did a slightly quicker time than we have been but at the cost of Dropscone’s heart monitor beeping furiouslyContinue reading “Nearly there”

Two steps forward

Today’s flower is another harbinger of spring. Mrs Tootlepedal planted many winter aconites but this is the only one showing so far this year. The snow had retreated and the temperature was a balmy 5º so after a leisurely breakfast, I got the speedy bike out and headed down the A7 again towards Longtown. WhileContinue reading “Two steps forward”

Got those blues again

Today’s picture shows the return of the dreaded snow As a result of this light dusting, I gave up the hope of cycling in the morning and golfing in the afternoon and settled for working in the morning and cycling in the afternoon. I caught a very smart looking chaffinch among the damp branches beforeContinue reading “Got those blues again”