Meeting, eating and greeting

Today’s picture is Rosa Gallica Complicata which caught my eye while I was waiting for a bird to turn up.rose

It was a rotten morning for anything today as there was a whistling gale and pouring  rain to greet us as we got up. I did not even contemplate a cycle ride so Dropscone and Arthur came round for a cup of coffee and a soda scone freshly cooked and supplied by Dropscone. Dropscone had also brought round some interesting local history documents relating to the sale of a local estate in 1911. I scanned in some pictures and details from the sale documents and Arthur took them away for further study.

After that I had a light lunch and went up to the chemist for a new puffer which I hope will improve my general outlook on life. (I always get a bit gloomy if my asthma is troubling me and my old puffer had run out.) After that I tried to cook some griddle scones for my afternoon meeting of the Heritage Group but it was not a great success at all. I will need to try again. My dough was too wet and my griddle was too hot.

The meeting came and went and I was able to get some useful advice on editing sound clips from Bruce who knows about sound from being a ham radio fanatic.

The blowy weather had discouraged many birds from visiting us but I took a picture or two just to show how fantastic modern cameras are to be able to take pictures at all in such unpromising conditions.

The feeder was rocking violently when I took this


A greenfinch hangs on
chaffinch goldfinch
A rare outbreak of competition today

In the evening, I did some work for a children’s booklet which is going to accompany the Heritage Trail booklet and then took time to put in a week of the E&L so, in the end, the day was by no means wasted in spite of the weather.

I add a picture of a robin to show that it does sometimes go to a different position in the garden.


The greeting was me complaining about a sore back,

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3 thoughts on “Meeting, eating and greeting

  1. I loved the photograph of the chaffinch and the goldfinch sparring, you are so clever.

    So sorry to read that you were having trouble with your asthma, I hope the new puffer has done the trick.

    Hope the weather is better today and you are able to get out on your bicycle.

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