Anyone know how to build an ark?

Today’s picture is a benchmark on the old railway bridge at Broomholmbench mark

Once more we woke to pouring rain. It was another day without a pedal. Once again the upside of this was that I did as much work on the DVD as a very slow computer would let me.  After an hour or so of frustration, I transferred all the related files to my laptop which has a bigger on board memeory and lets me work more quickly. I have decided on the layout and the files to use. Now all I have to do is fit them together. This is not as straightforward as it sounds because every time you move one thing, lots of other things get out of position. As usual, part of the trouble is that I am using underpowered software but beggars cannot be choosers.

From time to time, I poked the camera out into the gloom to see what was there.


goldfinch siskin
Regular customers

This makes it look a lot cheerier than it was. When I had to up the shutter speed to catch the flying birds, it gave a much more accurate picture of the day.

brambling nearly there
A brambling nearly at the sunflower seed


flying brambling train
A brambling flies off with a single seed


flying bramblings one seed
Another brambling leaves with a seed


flying bramblings one seed 2
A second or two later


flying goldfinch conversation
The goldfinches like the seed too

After lunch, I made some scones for the Heritage Trail committee meeting while Mrs Tootlepedal went off for a four mile walk in the rain. She went along the Tarras road to Broomholmshiels and returned by the track past the Round House. She took a picture or two along the way and I have selected some. The picture at the top of the page was one of hers. Here are some more:

broomholm island
Looking down from the road at Broomholm Island and bridge



One of the many fine trees along the path
Skippers Bridge seen through the gap in the trees cut for the power cables

You can see that it was a damp day. The scones came out all right. I took the recipe from Mrs Beeton so there should be no problem with it.


Now I have discovered that they only take ten minutes to cook, they may well be on the menu again. I put the picture in to tantalise the committee members who didn’t turn up.

The committee meeting went well and progress is being made on all fronts. After the meeting, I put a week of the E&L into the database and now I am only a month behind but, of course, those busy indexers will have been working behind my back and I shall know the worst when I go up to the Archive Centre tomorrow evening.

After tea (baked eggs and spinach with a cheese sauce), I went to the bowling club and enjoyed a good night of slot car racing with both Les and Grant.


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5 thoughts on “Anyone know how to build an ark?

  1. I’ve had a lovely time catching up on all Tootlepedal’s news and photos. We’ve been away for a few days celebrating birthdays with grandchildren who live a six hour car- ride away.
    The picture of Bessie Bell’s reminded me of many happy picnics… soggy sandwiches, warm pop and melted chocolate biscuits. The sun was always shining then…. or was it??

  2. What a great cook you are turning out to be, the scones looked great and your supper sounded delicious!

  3. Delightful photographs of “birds in flight” – and the plate of scones really do look good enough to eat! I bet you have been out ‘on yer bike’ today in this glorious sunshine. What a welcome change to rain,rain and more rain.

  4. I enjoyed Mrs Tootlepedal’s pictures, and the scones look most enticing.
    It is nothing but rain here too.

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