Nearly there

Today’s picture was taken in Richmond park by my sister Mary.

There’s a lot of wildlife in London’s parks.

The weather was slightly warmer and almost windless as Dropscone and I enjoyed our morning cycle. We did a slightly quicker time than we have been but at the cost of Dropscone’s heart monitor beeping furiously for quite a lot of the second half of the ride. He has read an article saying that it is better to keep the heart beat in a certain range for attaining fitness but it is very hard for a man like him who is used to burning it up.

After our coffee, I went to the town to buy some mince which I managed successfully. I wasn’t so successful in getting some lamb’s kidneys as the butcher’s suppliers seem to take the kidneys out of the carcasses they deliver to him and not send them on. This is a sadness as I really enjoy a kidney in a spicy red wine sauce (..and they are very cheap.)

I didn’t have much time to photograph birds and the weather was very gloomy by this time. We had about 50 siskins in the garden at the same time but we keep finding dead ones under the feeders. There was another today. I photographed this one which was looking very sorry for itself and just standing around trembling.


Perhaps there is just too much competition for food among the flock. There certainly is more competition at the nyger seed feeder than there was even in the coldest weather.

nyger mayhem

Among all the gloom, the snowdrops are showing at their best.



After lunch, Mrs Tootlepedal went off to work and I settled down for a last big push on the DVD. I  finally assembled all the parts and it lasts just about an hour which was the target length. I put it onto disc for the committee to have a look at tomorrow but of course, when I played it to myself, I instantly spotted errors. I expect to have others pointed pout to me. Nevertheless, I am pleased to have got to where I am now with a week in hand before the launch.

After a hearty meal of mince and tatties, I welcomed the recorder players who came to Langholm this week as our usual host is away on holiday. We had an alphabetical night with Roy, our librarian, producing works from William Byrd, through Coperario to Michael East. The Byrd Fantasia in particular was wonderful. The thing that is so good about recorder playing is that it gives you the opportunity to play really great music in your home and the music is reasonably easy to play with practice. It’s like being able to play premier league football on your lawn. Because the blog was a bit short of pictures, I caught the players as they were packing up at the end of the session.

Roy, our librarian and guru
Heather, a grand keyboard player as well as a recorder player. (Book her for your wedding)

two sues
Two Susans


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2 thoughts on “Nearly there

  1. Glad the CD is on its way, it must have taken a great deal of time and energy to get it to this point!

    Sad about the dead birds.

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