Not getting about much

Today’s picture shows why the morning ride was not an attractive option.rain

Instead of pedalling, I buckled down to do some of the final work on the DVD before today’s committee meeting. Arthur Bell came round and I took the opportunity to show him three sections to check that I hadn’t made any major factual errors. He gave me the go ahead although he had a modest reservation or two. This was a relief and I wrote the project to a disc and went up to the Archive Centre to make copies. Then I came home and got the key to the Archive Centre, went back up and then made the copies. (The people who prepare a sound copy of the E&L  Advertiser for visually impaired readers  use the Archive Centre for their recording and they have a very nifty machine which will make 7 copies of an hour long DVD in less than ten minutes and which we are allowed to use.)

After lunch, I made some girdle scones for the committee meeting using Dropscone’s recipe and trying to copy the method that he had shown me last week. Not only was his recipe sound but his method must have been good because the scones turned out really well and they will definitely figure in my cookery again.


I must add that they were very healthy scones too because I forgot to put in the salt but it didn’t seem to matter as they were all eaten by the committee, myself and Mrs Tootlepedal.

I was able to snatch a damp picture or two out of the windows.

wet goldfinch flying
It really was persistently wet today

There were not many bramblings about today. I expect they have got fed up with the constant bickering between the goldfinches and the siskins.

siskin goldfinch

..and the chaffinches too.

siskin goldfinch chaffinch flying

The committee meeting went well and almost everything will be ready for the launch next week. We will have three display panels, a substantial (32 page, I think) guide book and the DVD ready and a children’s’ booklet under development. I hope people like the work but, as usual, I expect that there will be those who would have done it better, think the whole thing is a waste of time, can’t think why we didn’t include this, can’t think why we did include that etc. etc. My policy under these circumstances is always to try to blame someone else.

In the evening, I went to the bowling club and enjoyed a really good night of slot car racing with Grant and Les. We had three tracks running smoothly, well matched cars and many close races. Who, in the words of the song, could ask for anything more? We will have to take the track down in a fortnight and another season will have gone by.

I leave you with a frog. The volume of croaking in the pond is building steadily.


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5 thoughts on “Not getting about much

  1. Sorry about the rain and the two trips to the Archive centre, what a nuisance.

    The scones and the frog both looked splendid in their different ways!

  2. Hmm, maybe what the archive group needs is a blog so that everyone with useful suggestions or additions or photos and things can post them there…

    Sorry about the rain, it’s been a bit gloomy here but there’s just a hint of blue in the sky now. We’ll see what the day brings.

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