A spring in my step

I asked for pictures to put in the picture of the day spot and I got six sent today so I am going to have two contrasting pictures of the day today. The first from my sister Susan shows spring in Regent’s Park, London and the second from Joyce Lewis shows the view from her house in Canada. Spring in Regent's Park


Quite a change from her visit to Florida

We were somewhere in between here in Langholm today. It was still coldish (3.4º) when I got the slow bike out for a pedal round the morning run. Dropscone had business to see to so I was by myself. This was lucky because I felt like a very slow ride. Even Dropscone’s heart monitor regime wouldn’t have let him go as slow as I went today but I was happy just to potter along. Since I took a photo of Mosspaul on Saturday I thought it only fair to do the same for the Cross Keys in Canonbie. This is an old coaching inn.

cross keys
The Cross Keys in 1904 from Joyce Barker's collection in the Langholm Photo Archive
..and today. Not much difference.

I think Dr Barlow was right and the recent influx of siskins was just a passing flock on their way somewhere else because they have all gone. There seem to be no redpolls any more and even the goldfinches were very thin on the ground today.

Chaffinches are by far the most numerous birds in the garden at the moment.

chaffinch 1
Approaching the feeder
chaffinch 2
Nearly there
chaffinch brambling
How did that happen?
A brambling getting stuck in
coal tit
An elusive coal tit
Things are more sedate on the other feeder. Here is a chaffinch pretending to be a parrot.

I can’t resist a frog shot so here is today’s. I love the way they just sit with the nose out of the water. They remind me of the ladies swimming  in the evening at Aphissos (near where my sister had a house in Greece at one time).


I spent some time in the afternoon sieving last year’s compost to make room for the new season’s material which is piling up already. I am still trying to take the perfect snowdrop picture. This is not it.


While I was taking this shot, I heard a characteristic cry overhead and saw this oyster  catcher flying over the garden.


After this excitement, I spent some time time spent preparing more of those Heritage DVDs and then it was time to go to Carlisle to fetch Mrs Tootlepedal from the station after her visit to see her mother in hospital. Her brother reported in the evening that granny had got out of bed for a very short time today for the first time since her operation  so that is literally a step in the right direction.

As well as Mrs Tootlepedal ‘s return, we also welcomed back one of our regular B&B guests who is staying for a week.

In the evening, I went to the bowling club to take the car racing track down with Grant.

The track in all its glory (modelled on the Brands Hatch club circuit of 1958)

45 minutes later

The whole track in one box

I told Grant, who is a good photographer, that I had taken a picture of an oyster catcher and he said that he wanted to shoot one too. It turned out that he didn’t mean with a camera at all. They fly over his house, which is next to the river, at three in the morning making their loud cries and waking everybody up.

There was one goldfinch today. I hope my nyger seed won’t go to waste and we will see more goldfinches tomorrow. The chaffinches don’t go for it. Perhaps the feeder is too narrow for their beaks.




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3 thoughts on “A spring in my step

  1. How clever to catch the oyster catcher in full flight, I was most impressed. The other bird pictures are splendid ditto your comments.

    Glad to hear that Ally’s mother has managed to get on her legs at last, well done her!

  2. I’m very jealous of your siskins and bramblings. Me and Mr A are very lucky if we get a wood pigeon visiting us.

    1. You have to lay out cash on a tempting variety of seeds and then put up with the little beggars eating it all and making a mess all over your garden as well. It is not all upside!

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