Steady as you go

Today’s picture is from the bottom of the garden during Joyce’s holiday in Florida. It is a bit more impressive than a frog in our pond.florida

It was another chilly day today and in addition there was enough of a breeze to make it feel chillier still. It wasn’t raining though and that is always a bonus in Langholm. I went round the morning run by myself as Dropscone had a visit to the podiatrist on his programme. I got the speedy bike out because I had found it so hard going yesterday on the slow bike. (It’s a matter of weight. The slow bike is very heavy.) I took great care on the rough bits of road and got round without a puncture but rather slowly again. Dropscone told me later that he had gone out after his appointment and the wind had got up  so much by then that he had to watch that he wasn’t blown over when he passed gaps in the hedges. I had the best of it in that respect.

When I got back, I helped Mrs Tootlepedal get through a mound of shredding of all the stuff that had been cleared out over the winter. It is amazing how large the pile to shred is compared with the pile of shreddings that results.

By then it was lunch time but it was hard to concentrate on the soup and cheese because of the intense activity at the bird feeder. We’ve only got four bramblings and one or two greenfinches but between them and the chaffinches there was a never ending whirl of feathers round the sunflower seeds.


The wings don't belong to the bird you first think they do


Bramblings doing their synchronised seed snatching routine while a chaffinch looks on


The chaffinches aren't quite so slick


In typical fashion, a male makes a female wait for her seed


In turn, a greenfinch warns off a chaffinch


Bramblings in close order. It's snatch a seed and off.


A chaffinch and a brambling wait their turn while two bramblings dig in
At the other feeder, a brambling takes its time.

I hope I have got all the birds right. It is sometimes hard to tell a greenfinch from a female chaffinch in flight. I can’t tell the difference between a male and female brambling. I’ll have to have a lesson from Dr Barlow.

We weren’t too worried today about the noise that the shredder makes because the streets have been very noisy round us for the last couple of days as workmen prepare to put new lampposts up. They have a very impressive lorry.


There's going to be a lamppost right outside our bedroom window. Hmm.

The noise stopped and I went out to see what was up. The man on the phone was complaining that the machine for cutting up pavements was blunt. He was being told that it was nearly new.


I went away humming to myself, “There he was, a-digging that hole…” but very quietly.

When I wasn’t minding other people’s business, I was printing up more of the Heritage DVDs and putting a week of the E&L into the database.  I have only 50 more DVDs to do and thanks to the work of a fellow archivist, Sandra, who is entering E&L records as well as me, I am nearly on top of my backlog of things to do.

In the evening, I went to Carlisle with Susan, Dropscone’s daughter, to play with our recorder group. We were five tonight and our librarian, Roy, had surpassed himself with the choice of music. We played symphonies, galliards, pavans, fantasias and a splendid pair of pieces by Purcell. It is always a real treat to be able to sit down in someone’s front room and play such lovely part music with so little fuss. Long may it continue….and the subsequent tea and biscuits as well.

Mrs Tootlepedal’s mother’s bulletin:  She got out of bed today and took her first steps with a zimmer frame. Progress.

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2 thoughts on “Steady as you go

  1. Loved the account of the trials and tribulations of the lamp-post fitters…. but then … “it all makes work for the working man to do”.

  2. Alligators are certainly more impressive than frogs!

    Lovely, clever bird pictures and great news on the walking/zimmer frame front. Well done her!

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