Today’s picture is more daffs very nearly out.. I am getting quite excited.


Today was a day, as they say, of sunshine and showers. The sunshine was great when it appeared but the downside was the showers which were violent, sleety and very very cold. Luckily I had already planned for two days of rest so I wasn’t tempted by a sunny interval to take the bike out. Dropscone did venture out and had a mixed ride of lashing rain, cross winds and the occasional period of blow drying.

I devoted the day to getting the 200 DVDs finally finished and in that respect it was a day well spent because by the evening I had got them all copied, labelled and boxed. I did find time to sieve a little compost during the day but I was soon driven in by a heavy shower. Mrs Tootlepedal started on the task of preserving and staining the new gates but she too had to give up because of the weather.

The new bird feeder arrangements survived a stormy night and proved good at keeping surplus seed off the soil below.


The rain didn’t create a pond in the tray so the holes pierced in it must have done the trick. You can see the strength of the wind from the angle of dangle in the picture below.

flying brambling goldfinch

Our life in Wauchope Street is going to be  a lot brighter from now on. The council are putting in a huge number of lamp posts.

lamp posts

Apart from the three within 50 meters you can see here, there is another one five metres behind where this photo was taken.

lamp post
High tech precison lamp post erection

We will certainly be able to save on electricity in the house just by opening a few curtains. I very rarely criticise the council but on this occasion I do wonder whether they have fully considered the need to reduce energy consumption. Perhaps the lights will turn out to have very economical new bulbs in them or perhaps they just won’t turn them on.

In the midst of all this excitement, our fresh batch of siskins got on with the business of stocking up on food very calmly. I love their upside approach to feeding. I have no idea what advantage feeding this way up gives them.


There was the usual unruly behaviour at the sunflower seeds.

mixed bag

That was taken during a sunny period as you can tell. I can cope with taking bird pictures in poor conditions. The contrasts brought about by bright sunlight are harder to deal with but I hope I get lots of opportunities to practise.

 chaffinch siskin
These two are fresh from the fashion catwalk and have posing off to a fine art

In the evening I went to the Archive Centre with Jean and Sandy and with Jean’s help I entered two weeks of the E&L into the database. As I had done another week earlier on at home, this was a day of real progress. After the archiving, we went to the Douglas for a glass or two of beer which went down very well.

Once home, I caught a glimpse of Arthur Worsley on the telly. He was a genius of ventriloquism and developed a surreal act which one of my favourite turns of all time and I feel it is sad that somehow there is no room for acts like his in the entertainment spectrum any more. I miss the amusing jugglers and the terrific comedy acrobatic groups which used to make me laugh so much when I was young. Somehow  I find the knowing, self referential comedy of the Ricky Gervais generation a poor substitute for the years of practice which went into making these old acts work so well…. but then I am an old codger now.

On a less lacrimose note, we may not have alligators at the bottom of our garden but we do have a lot of frogs.

five frogs

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5 thoughts on “Showery

  1. Has Wauchope Street been newly classified as a high crime area? There is surely a good reason for such an excess of illumination!

  2. Glad you are getting some sun between the showers and that the DVDs are done at last, what a lot of work you have put in, the Heritage people are jolly lucky, I hope they appreciate your work!

    Loved the frogs, the spring flowers and the acrobatic birds.

  3. I keep meaning to say how much I like the bird in flight pictures, they are really amazing.
    Also – I had drama on my bird feeder the other day; some blue tits were peacefully pecking away and then suddenly a great big hawk thing flew down and snatched a blue tit and flew away! I couldn’t believe my eyes. The bird feeder was deserted for quite a while after that.

  4. The town of Long Beach Washington put in a long string of lamp posts along both sides of the street. It looked like an airport runway and after awhile they took every other one out!

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