The last day of sunshine

Today’s picture is of a bergania which has just come into bloom. bergania

The day dawned with one of those mists that promise a lovely day when they clear. It was still misty and decidedly chilly when Dropscone and I set off on the morning cycle ride but by the time that we had finished, it was sunny with a cloudless blue sky. Dropscone, who is on a new set of pills for his shingles, went very well and we were pleased with our time.

After coffee,  I went into the garden to catch a rather curious tulip which seems to spread its wings only in the morning. By afternoon it has closed up which is the opposite of what I would expect to happen. It doesn’t look much like a tulip but Mrs Tootlepedal tells me that it is.


Photographing bright red flowers gives me problems with flare so I will experiment to see if I can improve the colours in time to do justice to the many normal tulips which are about to burst into flower.

I am getting the hang of plain yellow daffodils but I notice that there are different sorts about to bloom so I am not overconfident yet.


Since there are virtually no birds on the feeders, I am reduced to taking pictures of Mrs Tootlepedal’s artful arrangement of flowers round them.


We were visited by this stately collared dove (I think) which looked very decorative but strangely out of place compared with the busy finches that used to scurry round.

collared dove


Mrs Tootlepedal went off to work again this afternoon. She is covering for a colleague whose son has been taken ill. In her absence, I enjoyed a good time sieving compost. This was the kitchen waste from two years ago which has rotted down to a really nice friable soil. The sieving removes things like peach stones which take years to rot down and the so called compostable kitchen waste bin liners which also rot down very variably. The finished product is a treat.

After that excitement, I set in train a program that promises to speed up my desktop computer. It, like me, has got very slow and crotchety in its old age. As always with these things that promise so much, I expect the outcome will be a computer running even slower if it runs at all but the thing had got so slow that something needed to be tried. The process takes ages so I will not know until tomorrow whether it has worked.

By the time I had wasted hours fiddling with the thing, the sun had disappeared behind the clouds and my plan for an additional afternoon pedal had gone with it. However, Mrs Tootlepedal returned from work full of vim and vigour and we cycled gently up to Wauchope Schoolhouse and back in a light breeze, a distance of 6 miles.

I was pleased to see the greenfinches were back at the feeder in the late afternoon. Their colour seems to be affected by the ambient light because sometimes they look a dull olive or even brown and at others, they are bright yellowy-green.


I was also pleased to see that some sparrows have begun to come back into the garden. This one was enjoying the new fat ball dispenser.


The forecast for the next few days is not good but I have spread a light layer of fertiliser on the lawns in the hope that it will rain tonight so that I will at least get some benefit from the change on the weather.

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One thought on “The last day of sunshine

  1. Lovely flower pictures and I enjoyed the dove too. Hope the lawn spreading scheme worked and that it did rain.

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