Rained off

Today’s flower is another bergania. They spring unnoticed from beneath cabbage like leaves.bergania

We were greeted by howling wind and lashing rain when we woke and after a brief telephone consultation, Dropscone and I wisely decided that the day was not suitable for the morning cycle. As a result I spent some time after breakfast putting a week of the E&L into the database which is a thing  I never usually attempt before lunch. Luckily the absence of cycling didn’t mean the end of the world, as Dropscone appeared for morning coffee bearing girdle scones anyway.

The wind had done quite a lot of damage to the just blooming daffodils in the garden and Mrs Tootlepedal picked a few of those that had been knocked over and brought them inside as cut flowers.



I must say that photographing flowers indoors involves a great deal less crawling about than it does when you are working in the real world.

After lunch, although the wind continued to be very gusty, the rain went off and a lovely sunny afternoon appeared. Mrs Tootlepedal went out to remove a photinia which had not being doing well and replace it it with flowering currant. I helped as well as I could by keeping out of her way.

The photinia on the way out.

The bed prepared

The new plant in place

It is hard for the casual viewer to realise just how much work Mrs Tootlepdal puts into the garden every year. She is always improving, experimenting and altering.

I wandered round looking for flowers to snap.

I had another go at this bright red tulip

I had thought of going out on the bike once the sun came out but the wind didn’t relent at all and I thought better of it. It was very pleasant in the relative shelter of the garden watching Mrs Tootlepedal at work and lending an occasional hand in the warm sunshine. When we went in for a well earned cup of tea, I kept an eye on the birds at the feeders.

A redpoll looks to see what is going on

A sparrow enjoys the fat balls

In the evening, after currying the last of some lamb stew which I had about me for my tea, I went to the Archive Centre with Sandy and Jean. Jean and I put two more weeks of the E & L into the database while Sandy experimented with our portable scanner. Three weeks of the E & L in one day certainly made me feel that I had earned our usual visit to the Douglas for refreshment.

I end with a goldfinch enjoying a bask in the sun.




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9 thoughts on “Rained off

  1. I’ve really enjoyed all the beautiful pictures which you have posted on the blog lately…what marvellous Spring weather you have been enjoying in Langholm. Too bad about the rain and wind today although every cloud has a silver lining… Dropscone’s girdle scones!
    Today I particulary liked the photos of the daffodils against the almost black background. How did you achieve this effect? I’d like to try this when we eventually have something in our garden to photograph.
    All Mrs. Tootlepedal’s hard work really pays off … the garden is lovely and so neat!! Those perfectly clipped hedges are a credit to……..??

    1. I took the flowers indoors and put them in a single stem vase in front of an black folder with a dull black cover. I put them in the corner of our front room where there was light coming at them from two windows, one to the front and one to the side as I don’t have any indoor artificial light for photographs. The flowers don’t blow about in the wind indoors which is a great bonus.

  2. Glad you had your elevenses despite no cycling, shows you have your priorities right.

    Flowers and birds were right up to standard and I enjoyed the blow by blow of plants being changed over.

  3. That’s nice, I like the black background photo’s idea.
    Also, did you hear, garden birds numbers are increasing again (RSPB survey) – all that money spent on bird feed is not in vain.

    1. That’s what I thought. It was the fifty siskins at Wauchope Cottage that tipped the balance.

  4. Lovely daffodil pictures. I hope the flowering currant flourishes, as I am sure it will!

  5. I can well believe how much time Mrs. T spends on the garden! It is beautiful.
    I have made it through three interesting months this evening, and if it continues to rain tomorrow, perhaps I will have time to read three more.

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