Tripped up

Today’s picture comes from my daughter Annie

dicentra spectabilis

The weather is obviously better down in London than it is here. Mind you, that wouldn’t be difficult as we had another very wet and windy day here which ruled out cycling altogether.

In fact it wasn’t a day that was much good for anything and in the end we went to Carlisle just for something to do. I made a virtue out of a necessity¬† by buying copious supplies of cheese (goat’s, sheep’s and cow’s) and coffee beans which ought to keep me going for a day or two at least. Or three.

There was a bird or two in the garden.


 feeder frenzy
Two siskins go beak to beak while a goldfinch and redpoll look on
 hedge sparrow
A sparrow on a hedge, hence it's a hedge sparrow

..and just like old times..

two siskins
Two siskins

It was not a day for gardening or cycling but it wasn’t entirely wasted because Dr and Mrs Tinker came in the evening and that meant conversation, recorder sonatas and red wine. That latter was for me alone as no one else was in the mood and may account for a slightly disjointed post.

Mrs Tootlepedal has been repainting the dresser in the kitchen and I show it here in partially repainted mode. Strangers to the house will have to guess whether it is grey going browny red or browny red going grey.



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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

5 thoughts on “Tripped up

  1. Sorry about the awful weather and hope today is better. I like the new colour of the dresser, very tasteful.

    Annie’s photograph was beautiful, her garden must be coming on well.

    Most of your siblings are meeting in Oxford tomorrow, maybe there will be a photo opportunity!

  2. Thanks for your photo compliment! The garden is okay but will never reach the heights of Mum’s.

  3. And I think it’s also worth pointing out that Mrs Tootlepedal MADE the dresser which is she is now repainting did she not?

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