Par for the course

Today’s picture shows a positive orchestra of drumstick primulasdrumstick primulas

The weather was a lot better today although it rained very heavily overnight again. When we woke in the morning we could hear the wind sighing and moaning and occasionally roaring as it came upon the gable end of our house. By the time I had finished breakfast though, it had calmed down enough to make walking to our local producers’ market a pleasant enough experience in the mild temperatures. The fishman from Eyemouth had promised to keep me some cod’s roe but in the event, he had been unable to get any so I had to make do with smoked haddock. I also topped up my cheese, soap and lamb supplies and I am well set for the coming week as far as food goes.

As we hadn’t got up very early, this took up most of the morning and I had an early lunch and made my way up to the golf course for the last of the winter competition. I played very well (for me) for the first nine but sadly, I lost my swing and concentration on the second nine. In the end, I managed to get round playing exactly to my handicap which was both pleasing because I expected to play  much worse in the wind and annoying because I had thrown away a chance to play really well.

While I was out, Mrs Tootlepedal was visited by our neighbour Gavin and his granddaughter. They are seen here searching for frogs.


I came straight back from the golf intending to make the best of some sunny weather by going for a cycle ride but the golf had taken a bit of a toll on my joints and with the wind still fairly lively, I chickened out and wandered round the garden looking at daffodils instead.


daff 2
Mrs Tootlepedal's favourite daffodil colour combination

My favourite colour combination

We were back to a lot of bird activity today, mostly from goldfinches and chaffinches as the siskins seemed to have gone off again.

 goldfinch flying

queueing up

chaffinches beak to beak
Chaffinches go beak to beak

A rather more dignified sparrow

It is probably doing me no harm to have a rest from cycling as I have done a fair bit since the beginning of February but I look back on the very calm weather of March with nostalgia already. Strong winds really do take the pleasure out of pedalling.

Although the Danish TV thriller,The Killing,  which I enjoyed so much has finished, there is a very good subtitled French policier in its place and I enjoyed watching that tonight. It is not up to The Killing in sheer grip but it fills the gap.



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3 thoughts on “Par for the course

  1. Glad you are still getting plenty of birds to photograph. My ideal daffodil is the one that has yellow petals and a yellow trumpet. I regard all others as intruders!

  2. Glad you did well at the golf, even if not as well as you would have liked. Very satisfying when you connect nicely with the ball, as at tennis!

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