Welcome home

Today’s picture is again of Regent’s Park in London. This one was taken by Mrs Tootlepedal on her travels.regent's park

Today started as per the forecast with rain but although the temperature had dropped a lot from the last few days, by the afternoon it was brilliantly sunny and the murk of the weekend had disappeared. You win some and you lose some as they say.

It was raining, Dropscone had a looming doctor’s appointment and I was feeling rather tired after 143 miles in three days so we opted for coffee and girdle scones without having the bother of cycling twenty one miles first. Dropscone told me that one of his playing partners on the golf course on Saturday, Glyn Irving, remembers well being in the same class as our frequent Canadian domiciled correspondent Joyce. It’s a small world. (I am working hard at clichés today.)

I started work on the Prehistoric Trail website today. It is very addictive as you have so many possibilities, so many colours, so many layout choices, that you could probably spend your whole life on just one page and still not get it completely to your satisfaction.

I was going to go for a pedal in the sunshine in the afternoon but the website work made me lose track of time and to tell the truth I was still feeling tired so I didn’t go. I did find some time to look in the garden.

The two goldfinches were back early on in the day and one kindly re-appeared later when the light was better.


We seem to have a pair of regular starlings now. Here’s one of them sharing with a sparrow.

starling sparrow

Starlings don’t look very big when they are perched on a telephone wire but it shows how used I am to looking at small birds that it seems so huge in comparison to a sparrow.

The greenfinches are still coming to the feeder.


..and we are getting a few more sparrows each day.


It is very difficult to get a convincing sparrow shot because their eyes are set in a dark part of their plumage and they almost always look slightly out of focus. I’ll catch one with light just right one of these days.

I made a four day pot of lentil and bacon soup and had a plate of that with some sheep’s and goat’s cheese for my lunch. These cheeses are just a small part of a miscalculated vast over purchase of cheese and I will have to work very hard to get it all eaten. I just got tempted by the wide selection of local cheeses that are available.

My lunch was very late because of the website work and I just had time to shoot a garden shot or two before going off to pick up Mrs Tootlepedal from the train. This is another unnamed flower. Mrs Tootlepdal told me what it was but I have forgotten it and she has gone to bed, exhausted by travelling.


That was taken after the morning rain as you can see. This shrub was taken in the blazing sunshine later on.


Mrs Tootlepedal was very happy to be home, especially when she found that I had remembered to water the seedlings in the greenhouse. The highlight of her trip south and been meeting her great nephew, Owen. Here she is in her role as a great aunt.

great aunt

Her mother continues to make steady progress.

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6 thoughts on “Welcome home

  1. Thanks to Mrs. Tootlepedal and your sister Mary for the lovely photos of Regent’s Park. I lived quite near when I went to work in London in 1965 and it was always one of my favourite places to walk.
    I remember Glyn well too, I think we probably started school in Miss Tait’s class on the same day. Your near neighbour Gavin was also in my class but he arrived from Canonbie School at a later date. This year we’re all going to be that age made famous by the Beatles!

  2. I loved the photograph with Owen, he looks very alert and intelligent like his great aunt!

    Good luck with the cheese, I have to be very restrained when looking at them myself. We have a Farmers’ Market not far away with a stall selling delicious cheeses, I limit myself to one.

  3. Great photograph of Mrs T with Owen. Did we nearly bump into one another in Regent’s Park?
    I bought a very dull camembert at Sainsbury, which can in no way rival your delicious purchase!

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