A long and winding trail

Today’s picture is a wet siskin looking as fed up as I felt when I saw the weather forecast.wet siskin

A heavy shower of rain just when I was getting up didn’t bode well for the morning cycle ride but, as it turned out, by the time we had eaten our porridge, the rain had stopped. We waved goodbye to our B & B guests who were cycling 100 miles to Hawes and Dropscone and I set out on our rather shorter journey with no great hope of keeping dry. We were very happy to get three quarters of the way round without getting wet. We were less happy to get absolutely soaked in the last quarter. We were so wet that we had to disperse for a shower and a change of clothes before regrouping for coffee and girdle scones.

That was just about the last time that I went out of the house for the rest of the day as the rain settled in and I settled down to update Dropscone’s Border Golfers website and then to continue work on the website for the Eskdale Prehistoric Trail.

I stopped now and then to see what the bird feeders had to offer.


wet chaffinch

A wet chaffinch waits among the plum blossoms


A female house sparrow (I think)

The tray that I attached to the nyger seed feeder has been a great success as the birds peck away at the seed in the tray and the feeder hardly goes down at all. If I had put it on earlier, I would have saved a lot of money. Mind you, there are just a handful of siskins and goldfinches now compared with the numbers during the winter.

 siskin and goldfinch

In the early evening, Mrs Tootlepedal went off to a Health Board meeting in Annan so that the board members can get a feel of what the punters are thinking. She said that she would be back at 8pm and could I please have the pizza on the table at 8pm ready for her return. I have got the hang of cooking pizza now with the aid of the bread machine and sure enough, she returned at three minutes to eight and the tea was on the table three minutes later.

I had looked to see if I could get any colour into the blog on this dreich day and I thought the aubretia hanging over the edge of the dam behind the house was about the best there was.


Mrs Tootlepedal has planted it in patches along the length of the back of the house.


The most exciting thing in the world of flowers was one that wasn’t quite out yet but is a plant of potential. If we can get a couple of nice days, the garden should be ablaze with colour.


I did about six hours work on the Trail website. Because I am a rank amateur at website building, everything takes me a long time. Unlike Desktop Publishing, where you can see what you are doing as you go along, website building for me is a very hit and miss affair. You write a bit; then you look to see how it actually looks in a browser; then you go back and change it; then you look again to see if it is now what you want it to be; it isn’t;  then you write a bit more and so on….and on. I am sure that if you know what you are doing, you can just write the code in the confident knowledge that it will turn out right. I use HTML to write the code for the pages and it is a remarkably simple language to use but it is also, like all computer languages, quite unable to guess what you meant to write as opposed to what you did write and I spend a lot of time searching through the code for misplaced semi colons and keyword typos.

I use Firefox as my browser and there are occasions when I get a web page looking just so in Firefox and then I try it in Internet Explorer and it is all over the place. It is a mystery why they can’t agree a common interpretation standard. I am sure no consumer ever brought a browser because they liked the way it dealt with collapsing margins.


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4 thoughts on “A long and winding trail

  1. You are so industrious. I bought a book called HTML for the World Wibe Web with great intentions, but never did crack it open. Perhaps if I were retired, I would take on that project, but by the time I retire the whole WWW might be WYSIWYG.

    1. I had some time on my hands when I retired and an interest in computing so making websites for various organisations (and myself) was great fun. There are so many good books that it is hard not to learn how to do it.

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