Not again

Today’s picture is of Canary Wharf, sent to me by my sister Mary who was on a river trip. Even as we read this page, people in there are engineering the next great financial crash, coming soon to a venue near you.City of London from Thames Clipper boat

I have had an embarrassment of riches as far as contributed photos go. Dropscone sent me this attractive view of the Castle Park golf course near Gifford where he spent yesterday.

12th hole

Bruce sent me a set of pictures of train crossing the Shankend viaduct which I saw on my trip yesterday. I picked this one.


The train is on the line from Edinburgh to Carlisle. He happened to be passing the house last night while he was walking the dog and I was writing the blog. He tapped on the window and brought me out of the house to see a remarkable moonlit sky. He sent me this picture of the phenomenon today.


I had go myself and here is my effort.


The weird orange lights are the reflections from our very many lamp posts.

Today was a quiet day. Dropscone was not available so I set off round the morning ride on the speedy bike and in the wrong direction. Yet again the state of the roads gave me a puncture and as I had stupidly failed to take my emergency kit with me, I had no choice but to ring for the MTRS. She arrived with a resigned smile and gave me a lift home. I am going to give up trying to ride  the worst of our back roads on the speedy bike until I have purchased some really tough tyres. These tyres take away much of the purpose and pleasure of riding a speedy bike but anything would be better than constant punctures. My present tyres are fine on the main roads but it gives me very little choice of routes.

It was another fine morning and the tulips  were open to the heavens. If anyone doesn’t like tulips they should skip the next nine pictures!








By the evening, they close up again.


There were other flowers available.

The plum is almost fully out.

king cups in the pond

In between times, I went up to the golf course and played nine leisurely holes with Arthur. I hit a few good shots here and there but the downside of lovely weather on the golf course is extra trouble with the asthma and I find concentrating very difficult. If I get lessons and practise a lot, I can play reasonably but since that is out of the question, I just footle about and enjoy any good shots that I do hit. I don’t think at present that I could go round in under 100 strokes but I shall try. Fortunately, the Wednesday competitions through the summer months are Stablefords where it doesn’t matter too much if you hit a few bad shots so I shall play in them when I can.

The bird life in the garden has reduced dramatically, although there is plenty of bird song all around.


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4 thoughts on “Not again

  1. More excellent photos from everyone. Interesting to see the then and now of the viaduct. The moon photos are lovely and the tulips and plum blossom too. In fact they are all fab. You might want to take a look at the lovely photos on the Yarnstorm blog – she likes a nice tulip or two (dozen).

  2. Thanks for the blossom photograph, blossom is my favourite flower at this time of year.

    So sorry about your asthma and the terrible state of the roads causing constant puctures. You must be really fed up!

  3. Excellent tulip photographs and moon shots too, among other things. Sorry about the puncture.

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