Today’s picture, from my sister Susan, shows a coffee shop in Winchester with a very fine sign.

coffee shop

Dropscone and I had an early start for the morning cycle ride as he had business to be done but the weather was fine and warm so it was no problem. We also had the benefit of missing the school traffic in the town.  Fed up with punctures, I took the slow bike but Dropscone was in sprightly mood and we went round well above 14 mph which is good for the slow bike. I saw another yellowhammer on the trip and I will try to catch it on camera one of these times when I am going round. Dropscone didn’t stop for coffee as he was busy so I went into the garden to see what was about.

daff tulip primula
Colour combinations, daffs, tulips and primulas
tulip daff aubreti
Colour combinations: aubretias, tulips and daffs
 daff tulip
A limited palette: daffs and tulips

Mrs Tootlepedal put in a flowering currant a few weeks ago and it has taken very well.


..and I missed this tulip out from the tulip gallery yesterday.


The new position for the bird feeder over by our next door neighbour’s garage is attracting birds but I have to go out to photograph them and then they fly away. This was a rare shot.

flying sparrow

I can still see the birds on the plum tree through the kitchen window though.

A sparrow among the blossom
A sparrow among the blossom

When I had exhausted the possibilities of photographing tulips yet again, I went off to Carlisle to buy two new tyres for my bike. I said I wanted puncture proof tyres and Mike at Palace Cycles sold me two Schwalbe Marathons which he said would do the trick. This is the same type of reliable tyre that I have on the slow bike, but much narrower of course, and I will try them out tomorrow. I have pumped them up as far as is sensible and I expect to feel every bump as I go along the road.

When I got back, I picked some rhubarb for stewing and we also had enough to give some to our neighbour Billy.

This is Billy about to be rhubarbed.

Mrs Tootlepedal had had a very nice time while I was out collecting horse manure for the garden with our other neighbour, Liz. This was well rotted stuff and she was able to dig it in and get her early potatoes planted.

During the day we were inspected by Visit Scotland and I am happy to say that owing to the indefatigable work of  Mrs Tootlepedal, we retained our three star rating. We have a visitor all this week and a selection of visitors next week so Mrs Tootlepedal will be kept busy.

In the evening, I went with Susan to Carlisle to play with our recorder group and as usual we had a most enjoyable evening rounded off by excellent tea and biscuits.

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3 thoughts on “Concrete

  1. Thanks for using my coffee pot picture. I have saved the sparrow in the plum tree to my computer joining your other bird photographs. The garden is a riot of colour, wow!

    Hope the new tyres do the trick, glad you’ve kept your 3 star rating for the B&B and hope the customers keep coming

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