Tyred out

Today’s picture is one of the last tulips to come out.tulip

It was another unnervingly wonderful day for April. If it’s this hot now, what is going to be like when the sun gets up in the sky? Even more seriously, what have we got to look forward to, if we’ve had the nicest day of the year in only the fourth month? Dropscone and I enjoy it while we can and once again, we set out on the morning cycle run. The conditions were perfect for cycling, not too hot, no wind, brand new tough tyres for me and improving shingles for Dropscone. Surprisingly enough, we took advantage of all this and whizzed round at 16 mph, much the best we have done this year. The coffee and girdle scones tasted even  better than usual.

The new tyres, far from feeling lumpy and uncomfortable, seemed very smooth and pleasant to ride so if they are in the event fairly puncture proof, I will be very pleased with them.

The garden is looking very good at the moment and one of the lawns has actually got quite a lot of grass here and there amongst the moss. I am going to venture out with the feed and moss killer tomorrow, as we have a little rain forecast for Saturday and that would be ideal.

A new fritillary has appeared but it is very difficult to get a photograph that does it justice. It is not as dull as it looks here.


Mrs Tootlepedal spent the morning reorganising the kitchen waste compost bins and in the process we turned one bin’s contents into another. The compost looks very good and had a huge number of worms in it which is a good sign. The only drawback is that we have been using so-called biodegradable bin liners for the kitchen waste bin and although they may in fact degrade, it doesn’t look as though it will be in my lifetime. I think we will have to fish them out before the compost is sieved.

This blackbird was very interested in the ongoing work.


I think it may have one of our worms in its beak. I went out to the back of the house to catch the aubretias which Mrs Tootlepedal has planted along the dam to soften the concrete edge. They looked very decorative in the sunshine.


After her exertions in the garden, Mrs Tootlepedal had a well-earned siesta while I put a week and a half of the E & L into the index. I got a bit behind with this task while I was doing the website for the Prehistoric Trail but I am back on course now. Also, because the weather is better, Arthur spends more time tidying up the golf course than he does in piling up work for me. This is good.

After the siesta, we set out on our bikes to have a little run up to Wauchope schoolhouse and back (6 miles). On the way up, our eye was caught by a field full of lambs.


The bicycle ride was more in the form of an outing than violent exercise and we stopped to visit a prehistoric site just before Wauchope Schoolhouse.

It is perched on the top of a bluff and has a fine view over the approach below.


The settlement takes the form of a U shaped ditch and rampart enclosure butted up against the top of the bluff. It is really quite impressive in scale but it is hard to convey this with a camera because of the long grass and tussocks on the site.


As Mrs Tootlepedal pointed out to me, considering the ditch has been there for hundreds if not thousands of years, it was probably much deeper when it started off. There are literally hundreds of these sites in our area. The fact that they are still visible may be down to the fact that the land has been sparsely populated because of wars and the pattern of land ownership. Elsewhere, new settlements would have been built on top of them.

On our way back, we stopped at Bessie Bell’s to enjoy the ripple of water.


The rocks here certainly show the signs of strain.


The Wauchope goes on its way down stream with a delightfully smooth swoop in these relatively dry conditions.


Mrs Tootlepedal saw a fish jumping but with my usual degree of competence, by the time I had got to the spot and got the camera focussed, there was nothing to be seen.

The forecast is good so I hope to test the new tyres again tomorrow.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

5 thoughts on “Tyred out

  1. A pretty fair description of what happened. Not enough about the immense and entirely self imposed labour involved in altering the composting yard.

  2. Hello Mrs Tootlepedal!

    Sounds like another good day chez TP Towers. It looks like the lamb has just walked on a film set, it’s so fluffy and white. More compost yard photos….

  3. Loved the lamb gambolling, and the aubretias are a fine sight. I rather thought the reorganization of the compost would have been a herculean task – congratulations.

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