A very quiet day

Today’s picture is from Dropscone. This is his cherry tree.


Dropscone has not been discouraged by the savage attack on his bicycle and he presented himself punctually for the morning cycle ride. Because of the rather expensive sounding noises coming from my speedy bike, I got out the slow bike in the vain hope of a really gentle pedal. This hope was dashed by the strong wind that blew into our faces on the second half of the route.  My asthma was also not at its best for some reason and even Dropscone’s excellent girdle scones and a cup or two of coffee couldn’t cheer me up a lot which is most unusual.

The sparrows were out in force again.


I was interested to see when I looked at the pictures on my computer, that here was another sparrow pecking at the lard balls with the wire inside its beak. It seems very odd to me.

sparrow beak

Mrs Tootlepedal drew my attention to these tulips..

I'm a pink tulip

The blackbirds in the garden were fighting running, or rather flying, battles all over the place.

blackbird wars

I finally managed to get the camera settings nearly right to take a picture of these vivid yellow wallflowers.

 yellow wallflowers

The breathing didn’t get any better during the day so I spent it quietly doing little tasks here and there and then sitting down. In between rests I managed to sieve a bit of last year’s compost and it looks very good when it is added to the vegetable beds. Then I puffed up and down with the mower on the lawn that I had put the moss killer on and things look quite promising there. I won’t know whether the moss killing has been thoroughly successful until I have scarified it in about a fortnight. The other lawn, which gets very little sunlight in the winter (I have asked our neighbour Liz to move her house but she won’t), has got too much moss to risk killing it until the grass is stronger so I gave it a weed and feed pro tem.

After lunch, I went for a wander with the camera along the path I used to walk on in the frozen winter. I took a picture of the castle then…


…here it is today..


I caught a glimpse of a bird swooping across the cricket pitch.

oyster catcher flying

It was an oyster catcher coming to inspect the wicket with its friend.

oyster catchers

There are no prizes for asking which one is the Dickie Bird.

There was an exciting moment when I witnessed the final moments of the great sheep race.


This is a view over the cricket pitch with Meikleholm Hill in the background.

cricket pavilion

The lodge walks were looking very green too.

lodge walks

When I got to the Kilngreen, I had to have a little sit down and while I was resting, I couldn’t resist having one seagull shot.

flying gull

On my way home, I was struck by a burst of colour in the Clinthead Gardens which are looked after by the scout group.

clinthead gardens

..and another when I crossed the Langholm bridge..

river blossom

We were very pleased to get a gift of some cycling leaflets which Ruth McKimmie had thoughtfully picked up on her travels and delivered to our door. We have unknowingly already done two of the suggested Solway Coast routes but we will certainly do three of the others so that was a very useful gift. We were so excited by looking at the leaflet for the Yorkshire Dales Cycleway, a 130 mile tour of some very scenic countryside, that Mrs Tootlepedal asked me to send off for the map of. I have done so. I hope that the weather and events mean that we get to actually use the map and not just look at it with envy.

In the evening, my flute pupil Luke came and it was very pleasing to find out that he had been doing some good practising which had produced excellent progress. It’s a long business getting to grips with the flute but he has made a good start.

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9 thoughts on “A very quiet day

  1. So pleased the cycle leaflets have been interesting for you to read – and I look forward to enjoying many more of your photographs – hopefully from the Solway Coast and Yorkshire Dales Cycleway.

    The sheep on the Castleholm are fun to watch from Greenbank – they appear to run the race at least 3 times every day.

  2. Oh to be in Langholm now that April’s there… with sincere apologies to Robert Browning! The trees are lovely, I can just imagine the Lodge Walks in all their Spring – time glory. Are there any “cratties” yet?

  3. Sorry about the asthma and hope it is better today. Some lovely pictures, birds, flowers and views, what more could a blog watcher expect, thank you. The cycling leaflets and suggested routes sound very exciting, I hope they work out for you both.

  4. Lovely photos – are the tress along the riverbank quite new (in tree terms?) I don’t remember it looking like that.

    The tulip and wallflowers against the darker background are very nice indeed.

    The sunshine has finally taken a break here, but no rain yet – we could really do with some for the garden.

  5. A very nice day. I liked the sheep race, frenzedly exciting. I think I will now Post Comment for nothing could be more appropriate in our circs. If anyone else reads this I would like to add that I did two clues in the crossword which Tom hadn’t been able to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. This is quite true. Another fine post from Post. (For those in the dark, it’s her maiden name.)

  6. Oh my god… you can’t believe it how I want to live in such place!
    I do feel lucky already that I live in a neighborhood where I can still enjoy a bit of nature. I love nature.

    I just blogged about me getting visited by a sparrow and yesterday I blogged about me enjoying the nature in my neighborhood.

    BTW, isn’t that Sakura tree? Or, Sakura tree is actually cherry tree? 😀

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