Another pedal, another tootle

Today’s picture is yet another tulip. I can’t help it.tulip

Although we are still waiting for some rain, the weather took a more suitable turn for April today with a brisk and rather chilly wind. We said goodbye to our B & B guest who was cycling to Land’s End. He has been enjoying a very helpful wind and that seems set to continue. I have put his picture on the cycling page in our end to end gallery.

I was suffering from the fast time I had done on the slow bike yesterday and my breathing was bad from the start of the morning pedal with Dropscone. The windier weather doesn’t help, blowing lots of dust and pollen about. There is a lot of dirt on the roads and passing lorries kick up mini sandstorms as they go by. All this meant that Dropscone had to wait for me the whole way round our circuit and we took nine minutes (that’s nearly two miles in distance) longer than yesterday. The consolation was a supply of excellent drop scones to go with the coffee.

The trouble about bad conditions is that you only know you have been too energetic after you have done it and by then it is too late not to do it. I felt fine when we were going round yesterday. My chest is still sore as I write this and I don’t fancy my chances of scoring less than a hundred at the golf tomorrow. I would add that the poor breathing is not a serious matter, just an annoying one.

As a result of all this, I didn’t do very much after the cycle and I was able to spend some time with the camera in hand. I took pictures of the small birds that visited us today.


This chaffinch looks as though someone has trodden on him
One of two or three siskins today
A goldfinch, handsome as ever
A combative sparrow discourages intruders

..and lastly a very rare visitor to the garden, a reed bunting. He was possibly with a female bunting but I couldn’t get a satisfactory shot to make sure.

 reed bunting

The only small bird I don’t get a good look at was a dunnock. They were there but wouldn’t stand still when I told them to. Other bigger birds in the garden today were jackdaws, starlings and collared doves. A heron flew overhead.

I had quite a hard time not watching some sort of ceremony on the telly as Mrs Tootlepedal was an interested spectator for most of the morning. The synthetic excitement over a public kiss of a couple who have been living together for eight years sums up all that is bad in sycophantic journalism in this country. I am also amused by the presentation of St Andrews University as the only example of somewhere where a boy may meet a girl. I thought that happened at every seat of higher education.

I spent some time sieving compost again today. The sieved result has gone onto the leek bed so I am looking forward to leek and potato soup in due course. As the daffodils have gone and the tulips are beginning to fade away, new flowers are appearing every day.

dwarf iris yellow
A dwarf iris
dwarf iris blue
and another
A geranium
A bluebell (just for Joyce)
A glimpse of colour to come from the rhododendrons

Not every interesting plant is showy.

shuttlecock ferns
This is the unwinding of shuttlecock ferns
Discreet tulips in a subdued colour combination

..and finally..

king cups
A fine show of kingcups standing in the pond

In the evening we welcomed another cycling B & B guest also doing the Land’s End to John O’Groats trip. He was heading north and had had a very hard day cycling into the stiff wind. It looks as though he will have the same battle for the next few days. It really is a lottery choosing your direction of travel as far as the weather is concerned.

In the evening, we also welcomed the Tinkers for music and conversation and Mrs Tinker and I did considerable damage to several sonatas and enjoyed ourselves a lot while we were doing it. Handel in C was our best effort.

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4 thoughts on “Another pedal, another tootle

  1. So sorry about the asthma, such a nuisance! Glad the evening was a good one. I have downloaded the reed bunting to my collection thank you.

  2. very artistic discreet tulips picture. Good luck with the golf tomorrow. Couldn’t help seeing a bit of some sort of ceremony yesterday as they had such large screens up in Hyde Park where I was taking my morning walk!

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