I saw a cloud

Today’s picture is of a cloud in the sky, a very rare thing round here.cloud

There was a moment today when the sun actually didn’t shine but it quickly passed. We are threatened or promised a depression and some rain on Thursday and it will be much needed. The farmers are worried about their spring barley and on a much more serious note, I have had to water the lawn twice already.

It has paid off though.


Anyway, Dropscone and I appreciated the warmth of the sun as we went round the morning circuit once again. The wind was a little bit lighter than it has been and we managed a good time without hurting my chest. I am using the slow bike as the the speedy bike it still at the bike doctor. I rang him up after coffee and scones and he told me that the condition of the patient was worse than expected and he had had to take a hacksaw to some seized up parts. New parts are on order and it will have to be the slow bike for a few days yet.

Mrs Tootlepedal had better things to do today than cycle so I spent some time in the garden. I sieved quite a lot of compost and lightly scarified and then mowed the back lawn. Then I took my courage in both hands and put moss killer on the front lawn. There is a lot of moss about and only time will tell whether there will be any lawn left in three days.

Mrs Tootlepedal was busy in the vegetable garden. She has built a fine pea fortress to keep off the sparrows who, left to themselves, will destroy the growing pea crop in a matter of days.

 pea fortress

That should keep them off. I still have feeders out so they can’t complain.

 pea gutter

She has got more peas coming on in this gutter so another fortress will have to be constructed soon. As well as the veg, the soft fruit is progressing well and the gooseberries and blackcurrants are looking very good. They will be pleased to get some rain. I have been watering them for the past few days.

These strawberries show how far ahead of our usual growing times we are.

After the massed bursts of colour from the daffs and tulips, we are in a quieter period for a day or two in the flower garden. There are still tulips about, some of them quite exotic.

furry tulip

There are other more delicate blooms to be seen.

A white geranium
A pink bluebell
A shady aquilegia
A delicate cornflower. It is cornflower blue.

There are more showy plants about…

cherry and lilac
Cherry and lilac from Mrs tootlepedal's Farrow and Ball range
Rhododendrons beginning to make a splash
This azalea is the first of many that will light up the front garden

As well as my lawn care activity, I found time to put a week of the E & L into the database and update Dropscone’s BGA website with a photograph of a very fine trophy and a report. A day with a bit of cycling, a bit of computer activity, a bit of compost work, some lawn care and a plate of corned beef hash for tea must come very near my ideal of a perfect day. To round it off nicely, my flute pupil, Luke, turned up with every evidence of having done useful practising. I shall go to bed happy.

In the evening sunlight, I spent a moment or two watching the birds.

two finches
A greenfinch and a chaffinch on the re-sited feeder
A chaffinch has second thoughts about the way she was heading.

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3 thoughts on “I saw a cloud

  1. Absolutely top class photos and a very impressive pea fortress. I especially like the last chaffinch as it looks very majestic and not very chaffinchy.

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