The rainy season

Today’s picture shows an allium with added raindrops


At last the rain came today. By mutual consent, Dropscone and I abandoned the thought of the morning pedal although it was quite warm and a little rain never hurt anyone. A rest never did anyone any harm either.

By coincidence a small parcel, 27cm by 17cm, arrived and it turned out to contain, by a miracle of modern horticultural skill,250 tiny plants in plugs.

There's 250 plants there

Because I was not cycling, I had enough time on my hands to transplant the plants to bigger containers. I can tell you that transplanting 250 plants takes quite a long time.

Some of the plants in their new homes

After lunch, the rain eased off but Mrs Tootlepedal and I had to go to Carlisle to do some shopping and meet an old friend off a train so there was no opportunity for a pedal.

The garden looked very fresh after the rain stopped and I took a few pictures before we went off.

 contrasting rhodies
A symphony of rhododendrons
A euphorbia glistening gently
 tulips hanging on
Tulips in the front border hanging on in spite of the rain
two tulips
Two tulips give a splash of colour among the greens and blues

The rain had got the birds out in force and I was pleased to see this great tit at a feeder.

great tit

The blackbirds and dunnocks have been pecking my lawn to bits but it is hard to complain when you see the use that their pecking is put to…

blackbird feeding

The trip to Carlisle was a success in as much as Mrs Tootlepedal bought a new mobile phone to replace the steam powered one she has been using for the last ten years. This one has a little camera in it and I hope to be able to add many candid shots of passing celebrities to the blog once she has discovered how to download the pictures from the phone. The bloke in the shop didn’t make any attempt to persuade her to buy a more expensive phone than she wanted (a very cheap one) or take out binding contracts that she didn’t need. Considering the very small amount of commission he would be earning on the deal, he was very helpful, charming and cheerful.

On our return, I took another couple of bird feeder pictures. Greenfinches always look as though they are taking life very seriously and this one is no exception. It is extremely reminiscent of the bald eagle from the Muppet Shows of yesteryear.

greenfinch approaching

It got there safely.

greenfinch landing

…and then held off a determined challenge from a passing goldfinch..

greenfinch routing goldfinch

This coal tit is a frequent visitor to the feeder but very hard to catch because it never lingers long. Today for some reason, it was quite placid.

coal tit

The day ended with a very agreeable meal with our old friend as we listened to the rain hammering down outside again.

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One thought on “The rainy season

  1. Lovely photos, especially with the added raindrops. A light shower here so far today and the garden looks much the better for it. Still very warm though.

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