Panic attack

Today’s picture is an allium. Mrs Tootlepdal suffered from severe allium envy when she read recently of a garden  that had hundreds of alliums in it. I say that it is quality that counts not quantity.allium

I had an entertaining time for a while this morning watching modern parenting skills in action. First, the child moans and moans…blackbird moaning

….then the parent gives in…

blackbirds feeding

…then the child shows that it can do it perfectly well by itself…

blackbird diy

..then the child flies off laughing.

blackbird flying

That’s life.

It was a beautiful morning when I got up and and the garden looked great when I looked out of the bedroom window so I thought that I would share it with you and give readers who are not familiar with Wauchope Cottage, a picture of how it is laid out. As you can see , we are tucked in among our neighbours on all sides.

Nearest the road
The middle section
veg garden
The fruit and veg area

The plum tree is in the middle section, opposite our kitchen window through which I photograph the birds on the feeder or in the tree. Here are two of this morning’s visitors.

great tit
A great tit
A jackdaw

People don’t like jackdaws in their garden and you can see why. They are huge compared with the tiny tits and siskins. I think they are handsome birds and as long as we don’t get too many just now, I won’t chase them away.

While I was bird watching, Mrs Tootlepedal was doing useful things as usual.

amateur lawn care
It's cheating to use powered lawn care machines (except scarifiers)

We went to Longtown to pick up the speedy bike and combined that with a visit to a nearby garden centre, where a number of plants fell off the shelves into Mrs Tootlepedal’s basket, and a trip to Gretna Shopping Village where we visited the M&S outlet. Once again stuff mysteriously leapt off the shelves into our hands, including, I am happy to say, a large box of custard creams. The things you can buy in a clothes shop.

On our return, I found a new azalea to photograph.

not another azalea

I also enjoyed this cooler corner.

silver and green

Nearby, a white rose is just coming into bloom.

white rose

In the afternoon, we went to the cinema to see Attack the Block. This is a new film written and directed by our daughter Annie’s partner so it was quite exciting to go to see a film done by someone you know. It was thoroughly enjoyable although we are probably not the primary target audience for a sci-fi horror comedy youth orientated drama  set in South London. We are very proud to know Joe.

The weather at the moment is thoroughly changeable from hour to hour. It was raining when we went to the cinema and it was glorious when we came back. Several days of rain finally seems to have cleared the skies and the views from the car were very fine.

Surprisingly, I took a couple of photos when we got back.

evening sparrow
A sparrow enjoys the evening sunshine

The reed bunting has been visiting for a few days now and looks as though it is going to be among our regulars.

reed bunting

It seems to like to pick up seed from the ground rather than the feeder.

I couldn’t resist yet another picture of the yellow azalea positively glowing in the late low sun.


I had made some pizza dough in the bread machine before we went to the pictures and put it in the fridge while we were out. Amazingly to me, it rises steadily in the coolness of the fridge so it was ready to use as soon as we got back. Mrs Tootlepedal makes a mean tomato pizza topping and with some bacon, mushrooms and cheese sprinkled about, we had a tasty pizza each to round off a very pleasant day indeed.

We are crossing our fingers for some good cycling weather tomorrow.

Published by tootlepedal

Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

9 thoughts on “Panic attack

  1. The final azalea was mindblowing, I love azaleas and yours is particularly splendid. I borrowed the great tit and the jackdaw for my collection thank you.

    Glad you enjoyed the film we are hoping to go soon too. Well done Joe.

  2. The garden looks splendiferous!
    So glad you enjoyed the film. Congratulations to Joe – many are the excellent reviews I have read.

  3. The things is that flowers and gardens always look great in photographs but thanks everyone for the kind remarks; and thanks to Mr T for his lawn carel

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