Idle time

Today’s picture is the first of many oxeye daisies to open in the garden.

oxeye daisy

I had made a plan that I would get up at ten to seven this morning and go out for my morning cycle ride at a time when the wind was forecast to be light and there was to be no rain. It was a very good plan and for once everything worked out just as it should. I managed to get up, the wind was light and it didn’t rain. This made for an excellent start.

Mrs Tootlepedal had a different plan. She would catch an early bus to Carlisle, go to Glasgow on the train, see our younger son and his wife, go to a home building and renovation show at the SECC, do a little shopping and come home. Her plan worked smoothly too. Everything was just as we could have wanted for the day until I sat down to write this entry at 11 o’clock in the evening. By this time the weather had become really horrible, with strong winds and lashing rain and as I started to tap away at the keyboard, I could hear an answering tap from the direction of the window behind me.  It was water leaking through the end wall of our house again. We have tried many different things to stop the house leaking but a good south westerly gale with heavy rain renders all our efforts useless.

By coincidence, Mrs Tootlepedal had spoken to an architect at the building show and we hope to get some professional advice as to what the best thing is to do. I hope he has some good ideas because we need them. Meanwhile, with heavy winds and rain forecast over the next few days, we expect the worst. It was a sad end to a day that was going so well.

After my early bike ride and in the absence of Mrs Tootlepedal, I had a day of complete idleness and didn’t do a thing. I even watched some sport on the telly.

I didn’t even take many photos.The birds were battling with the wind throughout the day but the weather was good enough in the morning to take a picture of a chaffinch and a sparrow.



I followed a little chaffinch drama in the wind.

chaffinch approaching
A chaffinch approaches the feeder
chaffinch feeding
It settles in for a nibble
chaffinch falling
..and a few moments later, it has been blown clean off the feeder and fights to get back

I was able to sit outside for a while  and I was struck by the symmetry of the plants when seen from the where I was sitting.


In years gone by, we have had a pink clematis that has climbed all over our garage and flowered mightily but the last two harsh winters have pretty well done for it and this year it has only been able to produce this one, lonely flower.


The incessant drumming of the water as it drips into the basin we have placed on the inside windowsill does not make pleasant music as we go to bed tonight.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

One thought on “Idle time

  1. So sorry about the leaking wall again, you must be fed up. I do hope the man that Ally met will be able to come up with a solution for you.

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