Only a pawn in the garden

Today’s picture, sent to me by my sister Susan, is of my new great nephew Jamie. Obviously the finest looking baby in the world.Jamie Ramazanoglu

It was a lovely morning and when we had said goodbye to our B & B guest, it was obviously the day for a pedal. Mrs Tootlepedal, however, had different ideas. There was work to be done in the garden. These are weeks of very hard work for the gardener and there was more tidying up and planting to be done. The first job was to finish the hedge clipping.


Our new hedge trimmer is making a good job of these in Mrs Tootlepedal’s hands. After the clipping of the hedges, comes the picking up of the clippings. This is tedious work. When the hedges were finished we set to work together to clip the pawn. We don’t like to get the top too perfectly symmetrical in case it looks boring. (Hmm.)


I took a bit of time out while Mrs Tootlepedal was slaving to take some pictures. There was a good deal of buzzing in the garden even when the hedge trimmer had stopped.

dicentra bee
The bees love the dicentras even if they are looking a bit past it.
insect on hosta
I don't know what sort of insect this is on a hosta leaf
This spirea is in full bloom at the moment
I love the strong colour in this lupin
frog lily pad
The warm sun brought this frog out to sunbathe

The garden work took up the morning and by the time we had finished, the sun had gone and the forecast was talking of rain by four o’clock. We decided to get the bikes out and go round the same fourteen mile run as we have done a couple of times recently. This would let us get in safely in the dry. I took the little camera with me to show some of the wayside sights which enliven the ride.

The thistles are just beginning to flower in the verges
cow and calf
A calf shyly peeks out from behind its mother
weather damage
The westerly facing trees and hedges are showing damage from the recent cold winds

We noticed a lot of trees and hedges which look as though they have been burnt. An article in the paper recently said that many trees on the west coast have suffered badly from the cold winter followed by the severe gales. Experts are not expecting long term damage to have been caused. The damage is only visible on the windward side of the trees and hedges.

Mrs Tootlepedal heading down past Brockwoodlees Farm to the A7

The camera makes the weather look better than it was. There were threatening clouds to the south. However, we had the wind behind us from this point so we were confident of outrunning the rain.

daisies 3
Mrs Tootlepedal on the cycle path beside the new Auchenrivock section of the A7

When they built the new road, they put a lot of care into the landscaping. They had to do this because of the danger of landslips. As well as numerous well built drains, they had a sort of water cannon which they used to spray the banks with a combination of grass, wild flowers and something for them to grow in. It has worked wonderfully well as you can see here and the whole section is clothed in daises at present.

The cycle path shows off the wild flowers
copper beeches
From the path, two copper beeches make a fine show across the river at Broomholm

When we got back, I finished off the tidying activity by mowing the grass round the greenhouse and on the drying green. We then enjoyed a cup of tea and a good sit down. Over the past couple of days we have both done a lot of work in our different ways.

The rain came down as forecast (a hard rain’s a-gonna fall)  but it did not discourage the birds from their feeding.

goldfinch siskin
A goldfinch is not scared by a siskin
siskin goldfinches
A siskin sneaks in for a nibble while goldfinches bicker

I counted over twenty birds – sparrows, goldfinches, chaffinches, greenfinches, siskins and even a pigeon – clustered round the feeder, either waiting their turn or picking up scraps underneath.

The rest of the evening was frittered away watching the Canadian F1 stop and start over what seemed like a lifetime before it finally finished with a burst of excitement.

In spite of the late rain, it was a pleasant day today, largely because it was a few degrees warmer than recent days and more like what a June day should be. The forecast speaks of warmer days ahead. I am thinking of getting the shorts out again.

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7 thoughts on “Only a pawn in the garden

  1. Your gardens are amazing. I’d love to see a shot that emcompasses all of the area so I can understand it more. I had no idea you had so many different areas and so many wonderful trimmed hedges! Your wife really knows what she’s doing! She’s trained you well to! LOL
    Your great nephew is adorable!
    I guess that is a fly that looks like a bee! We see them here too.
    The bicycle path with all the flowers looks divine!

  2. Very impressed by all the work in the garden, no wonder it looks so magnificent, to do all that and then go cycling beggars belief! Great that Button won the Grand Prix, Hope Murray does as well today.

  3. Yes – baby a real cutie.
    Let us all know when the shorts make an appearance again please – and inspite of Dropscone saying “No” a photo would be wonderful to see.

  4. Really? Not with Brasso I trust!
    Last Wednesday afternoon I spotted you driving back from your afternoon session of golf , and as you turned to drive across the River Esk into Thomas Telford Road, I screwed my eyes up really tightly in the hope I would see a flash of your shorts – but no – and not even a wave from you either!!

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