Tootling and pedalling again

Today’s picture shows Mrs Tootlepedal in her B and B room checking her route round the gardens of England for the day.

Map reader

The day was perfect for cycling. The sun was shining, the wind was light and the temperature was pleasantly cool. Dropscone arrived half an hour earlier than usual and we set off on a thirty mile ride over Callister, down to Kirkpatrick Fleming and back by Glenzier and the A7 cycle route. I was a bit worried that my breathing would not stand up to a vigorous pedal so we started at a gentle pace and only speeded up when we had climbed over Callister and the flat country of the Solway plain lay before us. In the end we did the thirty miles in bang on two hours which gave the ride a happy symmetry.

It was followed by chocolate cake and coffee. Dropscone had been to Hawick to fetch his children off the last bus from Edinburgh after Ben’s graduation and he had used the opportunity to sweep up a few of Morrison’s late night bargains while he was there. The cake was one of these but none the worse for that.

I photographed this chaffinch before breakfast which gives you an idea of how nice the day was.


And I took these pictures when we got back.

A rare blue tit visitor these days, perhaps because I am not putting out peanuts
Old and young starlings

After Dropscone had gone, I mowed all three lawns. The grass has been growing well in the recent warmer weather and the lawns look pretty well. I’ll be complaining of drought next.

While I was out there, I looked round the garden.

A confusion of daisies
A real depth of blue in this delphinium
early potatoes
The early potatoes looking promising (and very early)

After lunch, I went to the Kilngreen to do my stint in the tourist information point. I had a few visitors and had plenty to do as, owing to the early start, I had not read any of the papers. I had a friend outside.

hot dog
He was advertising a dog chipping service next week

I am experimenting with camera settings for landscape photos and I took these two while I was at the TIP.

Langholm Bridge


After I had finished there, I took the car up to the White Yett and walked up to the monument to continue working on landscape photos.

While I was up the hill I could hear the singing of larks and as I came down, I stopped to see if I could actually see one. I managed to spot one and tried to photograph it.

A lark in flight

I had another go.

carrying food

When I was nearly at the car, I noticed something on a small tree.


I thought it was probably a young lark waiting for food and sure enough, a moment later another lark approached.

coming in

I am not a bird expert so I checked in the easy book of bird spotting and I think these are larks but as usual, I could be wrong.

In the evening, I went to Carlisle to play recorder. Susan was busy at work after her day off yesterday so I went alone and we were five. Once again we played a wide selection of music and enjoyed ourselves a lot. Owing to the great age of most of the players, the conversation over tea and biscuits after the playing was mostly about medical matters. It was very interesting.

I have put some the pictures that I took on my walk up Whita here for those with time on their hands. They are familiar views but I hope one or two of them will please readers.

Looking up the Ewes valley
up Tarras
Looking up Tarras
the moor
You can see the work the gamekeepers have been doing on the grouse moor
The monument looking crisp in the early evening sun
potholm hill
Looking north over Potholm hill up the Esk valley
The most important part of Langholm (taken from a mile away)
The A7, the road I pedalled up on Sunday
Looking up the valley
Looking down to the road I had driven up. The house is Hillhead
A woody hand reaches out to grasp the A7

I think the colours are stronger than in my previous efforts. It might be because of the day but I think some of the improvement comes from thinking more about settings and focus points.

I went to bed really early for me last night and slept very badly so I am going to bed late tonight to see if that is any better.

Mrs Tootlepedal and daughter Annie visited Sissinghurst and Great Dixter on their garden tour today. I am still waiting for pictures.

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7 thoughts on “Tootling and pedalling again

  1. It’s me, over here!!! I’m still loving EVERY blog post, the flowers, the birds, the amazing number of miles you peddle! But the scenes of Bonnie Langholm bathed in sunshine are very special and much enjoyed. I can’t see why you criticize your landscape photography, you’re too hard on yourself. I think it might be that the ones of flowers and birds are so clear and well-focussed. I wish I could do half as well.
    Congratulations to Dropscone on his son’s first class honours degree. He must be very proud. Also did he comment on how Morrison’s cake stacked up against what was produced in Little’s bakery? I thought it might prove wanting somewhat!!

    1. He had an eye to the modesty of the price rather than the quality of the product. It was very eatable though.

  2. Since you were so specific with your place names, I was able to follow you in your travels via Google Earth. I was admiring a Google Earth photo of the Langholm Bridge and wondered if you were near there, only to shortly discover you took nearly the same picture yourself! Great story, as usual, and fantastic photos, as usual!

    1. Thanks for you comment.You made me go back and look at Google Earth again. The last time I looked at the satellite picture on Google maps, Langholm and the surrounding areas weren’t properly covered and weren’t distinct at all but they have upgraded the picture now and it is great.

  3. Sounds like your relations are having a good time. Sorry you slept so badly, it’s such an annoying way of spending the night!

    Your landscape pictures are getting really interesting keep up the good work.

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