Same old pedal, different tootle

Today’s picture is another from Mrs Tootlepedal’s recent excursion.  Some nice clipping on display  at Tintinhull.


Dropscone was involved in complex car purchasing activity on behalf of one of his boys so I was left on my own for a burst round the morning pedal in much more pleasant weather than I had expected. I made an effort to go at a decent speed and just managed to achieve 16 mph on my speedy bike. For a really good time, I need a friendly wind on the last four downhill miles. It wasn’t there today.

When I got back, I found Mrs Tootlepedal in the garden. Mrs Tootlepedal spent pretty well the whole day in the garden, having missed a week of weeding while she was away. I pulled an occasional weed as well but I live in fear of pulling out some precious flower by mistake so I limit myself to easily recognised weeds.

Although from time to time rain threatened, the day was generally fine and I was able to mow  a lawn before lunch.

After lunch, Mrs Tootlepedal and I drove up to refresh the bird feeders for the Moorland Project. I took the good camera up with me.

Tarras feeder

It wasn’t long before the birds came out but disappointingly they were just chaffinches and siskins much the like the feeder in our own garden. I looked around.

Tarras trees
An ocean of trees lap on the slopes of the Tarras valley. Tinnis hill in the background.
wild flowers
A clump of ragged robin among the long grass
Mrs Tootlepedal birdwatching
Looking across the Claygate road

When we got home, I mowed the second lawn. They both look reasonably good but a dose a weed and feed is required to deal with encroaching pearlwort. Mrs Tootlepedal returned to her gardening tasks.

The front bed weeded by some hidden hand.
The hidden hand revealed.

I took some time out to wander about.

hawkweed seedhead
The seedhead of an orange hawkweed
Wedding day
A rose called Wedding Day
campanula white out
A campanula white out

There was a lot of buzzing among the flowers.

daisy bee
A bee on a daisy
Another on a spirea

This interesting non buzzing creature appeared on the stachys. Mrs Tinker thinks it might be the larva of a ladybird and a quick look on the internet certainly makes that a possibility.

stachys with insect

In the evening, we were visited by Dr and Mrs Tinker as usual and while the doctor and Mrs Tootlepedal pored over a book of sedges and grasses to try to identify a grass Mrs Tootlepedal had brought back from the moorland feeders, Mrs Tinker and I enjoyed a sonata or two. Because I have a flute pupil now, I thought it would be good to practise my flute playing and so we played a flute sonata as well as a few recorder pieces. I certainly need the practice.

The grass turned out to be Crested Dog Tail. I was very excited by this.

I spent quite a bit of time following the News International saga. I hope this will set the Murdoch empire building back a bit as I would much rather we were governed by politicians, however incompetent, than by a foreign businessman who has no interest in the welfare of Britain other than as a source of income. My enjoyment of this debacle was tempered by sadness at the literal downfall of Bradley Wiggins in the Tour de France.

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2 thoughts on “Same old pedal, different tootle

  1. Stunning pictures of your garden, well done that Mrs Tootlepedal, no doubt with help from the asisstant gardener!

    I do so agree with you about Rupert Murdoch. My email to Chris Huhne an that subject has been held up owing to the volume of traffic!

  2. Enjoyed catching up with the blog. Missed it for a few days while in Wales – photograph to follow.

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