A day of two halves

Today’s picture is of a bee on a cosmos taken late in the evening.

cosmos bee

Our B & B visitors had their breakfast at 9 o’clock and as I keep out of the kitchen until the breakfast artist has finished her work, this meant a lie in and a late breakfast for me. This set the tone for the morning which I spent doing nothing at all which is quite rare for me as I am easily bored. There was enough reading left in the Saturday papers to keep me occupied when I wasn’t resting my eyelids in an easy chair.

I did go out to see what the garden was like after another night of heavy rain.

rose and rain
The red rose doing well under the circumstances
blackbird late
This blackbird obviously hadn't got up early enough and was wormless

I roused myself enough to make first coffee and then a light lunch for Mrs Tootlepedal who was slaving away over the fireplace in the front room. She has made very good progress but may be going a bit over the top. I saw a rather curious concoction applied to the wall and asked her what it was. She told me that it is a flour poultice which should draw stains out of the stone underneath it. Hmm.

No sooner had I got the coffee on when Bruce appeared to drop something off. He wouldn’t stop as he was off on a walk with a friend.

one man and his dog
Two mature gentlemen of Langholm

He got me out of my chair to look at a duck visitor to the dam.

visiting duck
Not our ususal duck at all

The usual duck was further up the dam, still with seven chicks. They were lying, as they often do, concealed in a duckling clump in the long grass beside the water. Today, as I approached, they rose and stepped delicately into the dam and swam off.

Going for a swim

Exhausted by all this excitement, I continued my masterful policy of doing nothing until 3 o’clock when I finally summoned up some energy and  got the speedy bike out and pedalled down to Longtown and then to Houghton by back roads. Once there, I refreshed myself with some prunes which I had about me and pedalled back home. The prunes must have been full of goodness because I arrived at Houghton averaging 15.6 mph and got home having averaged 16.4 mph for the journey back which is slightly uphill. The mathematically minded among you will have seen that my combined average for the forty miles was exactly 16 mph which was very satisfying.

Note: It may have been the prunes or it may have been the fairly strong wind behind me that made the journey home easier.

My journey was enlivened by meeting a very stupid dog just at my turning point. As I set off to go home, it ran out from behind a car right in front of me. As I had been hit by a dog crossing the road on Friday, I was rather cautious and stopped in time to miss it. It proceed to run off in front of me, stopping when I stopped and starting when I started. I neither wanted to run it over or be knocked off the bike by it so I stopped altogether in the hope that it would get bored and go home. It sat down in the middle of the road, moving only to get in front of two cars coming the other way. In the end, I managed to find a bit of the road that was wide enough to whizz past it before it could get in front of me again.

stupid dog
Portrait of a stupid dog

I had passed a  group of Langholm cyclists going north as I went south but there was nothing to report on the journey home.

In the evening, I went out into the garden in the gathering gloom at about twenty past eight to see what the camera could do in poor light. It is an amazing machine. I just put it on auto and pointed.

A gladiolus showing the benefit of Mrs Tootlepedal's staking
day lily
A day lily in the twilight of its existence
Mrs Tootlepedal going shopping for sausages for the B & B breakfast

I love my camera. It really is idiot proof.

As well as the fireplace, Mrs Tootlepedal has embarked on another grand project, this time to reduce the amount of flower borders and increase the middle lawn. This is to lessen the amount of maintenance required for her and to bring a bit more order to that section of the garden. It requires a lot of work now to save work in the future.

garden works

One day all this will be lawn.


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