Putting up with it

Today’s picture shows a battered toadstool on the golf course.


Golf was the chief business of the day and as I was determined to try to play well, I didn’t go cycling in the morning first. This left my monthly mileage total a little lower than I would have like but still above the 500 miles a month that I need to complete to arrive at my target for the year. I will put the updated totals on my cycling page.

Mrs Tootlepedal was called into work to cover for an absentee and as I was playing in the Wednesday competition with Arthur at noon, I had a leisurely morning, drinking coffee and doing the crossword, before taking an early lunch and going up to the course.

For once, I managed a reasonable start and found myself playing pretty steadily. Unlike last week, I had got the hang of pitching which made life a little easier and my putting was very good and I holed a lot of putts and missed very few.

I took this shot from the elevated second tee to show the consolations provided by the view if you are not playing well and the slightly terrifying tee shot you have to play from there.

second tee

The trees on the right get more intimidating every year.

I finished the first nine holes in a very cheery mood and promptly hit two terrible shots at the tenth hole.  Sometimes the force is with you and it was today.  Instead of burying itself in a thick fir tree, my second shot went straight through and came to rest in a spot of ground under repair from which I was able to take relief and hit the ball onto the green. I had one other stroke of luck among some trees on my way round but kept my head and finished with 40 points, easily my best score of the season. As the conditions for playing golf were just about perfect (no wind, holding greens, preferred lies), I expect other golfers will have had better scores but I don’t care. I really enjoyed myself.

Arthur mentioned in passing that he suspected that some of the varied ducks that I put on the blog yesterday might be mongrel crosses with the local ducks and not distinct breeds.

I took this picture on the third hole of some golden rods and Michaelmas daisies which Arthur had planted some time ago to disguise an unsightly mound of rubble.  His plan has worked well.

Arthur's planting

When I got home, I found that Mrs Tootlepedal had made excellent progress with the lawn extension and I picked up a fork and weighed in to help her. The dry weather had helped a lot and we were able to fork and trample and rake the soil into reasonable shape. I needed a rest after a while so I got the camera out.

Evil  blackbird
I had to stand and watch as this evil blackbird pecked my plums

We are getting some eatable plums so I don’t mind sharing a few as long as they know when to stop.  Our early apples are tasting very good.

Cosmos and bee
Not our usual kind of bee
Feverfew, a charming little flower

It’s not often that I can surprise Mrs Tootlepedal with my garden observation but when I told her that there were three clematis along the vegetable garden fence, she thought I was mistaken. I showed her this one…


…and she had to admit that I was right. As she didn’t plant it, its arrival in the garden is a bit of a mystery but welcome nonetheless.

She certainly planted this Fuchsia and it was just for me because I like Fuchsias so much and you can see why.  It is a striking plant.


Liz, our neighbour turned up to inspect our works and while I went into to the house for a Culture and Heritage meeting, she helped Mrs Tootlepedal reshape a part of the lawn and lay the unneeded turf on the new section. It all looks very promising.

The meeting passed uneventfully and in the evening, I completed a thorough back up of  my old computer, which I am using for this blog, and also backed up the current contents of my photo cards.  It might be too late but I am learning.

I may not be able to produce a blog for tomorrow but I hope I will have one ready for Friday night.

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6 thoughts on “Putting up with it

  1. Glad about the golf, you need to enjoy it sometimes!

    I loved the fuschia, they are my favourite flowers too.

    Well done for managing everything on your old computer and good luck with findingr a repairer for you laptop. Rachel sends commiserations though no comment, she reads your blog every day.

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