Getting the wind up

Today’s picture shows a rose sheltering from the gales.


The rose was doing very well. The plums turned out to be of the self picking variety.

self picking plums

I had picked the best ones already but Mrs Tootlepedal was unwilling to let the wind have them all so she went out to pick the rest.

Picking plums

Because Mrs Tootlepedal is  slightly vertically challenged, I joined in and we soon had the last of the fruit off the tree. Mrs Tootlepedal is considering what to do with them as they are not very good and we already have enough plum jam. Plum chutney beckons.

As there was no chance of cycling with any pleasure, Dropscone came round dry shod with girdle scones for coffee and we were joined by Arthur who couldn’t fish or tend the golf course either.  There are few facets of modern life that wouldn’t have been improved if those responsible for them had been able to listen to our constructive suggestions round the kitchen table.

Mrs Tootlepedal had noticed that grass is finally showing on the new lawn and Arthur and Dropscone were duly impressed when I showed them the growth.  I did take a photo of the green shoots of growth but I felt that it was probably too exciting for the general public to view.   (I will try again when the grass is sturdy enough actually to show up in a photograph.)

Although it was wet and windy, luckily the rain tended to be rather patchy and neither the end wall or the window have leaked yet and it also let me get out into the garden with the camera.

The nerines are looking better every day in their sheltered position.
The sedums are impervious to wind and rain but there were no insects or butterflies today.

The camera is wonderful at making the day look a lot better than it actually was. I tried to get some moody shots of the wind and rain but they are not easy to capture photographically without the aid of palm trees or a sea wall,  which is why you see so many pictures of each of those on windy news days.

The birds were out in force.

sparrow hanging on
A sparrow head down into the wind, looking a bit like Snoopy with his goggles on.
more sparrows hanging on
A certain amount of clinging on for dear life here

It was a perfect day for putting a week of the E&L into the database and I noticed that they had had some very bad weather in 1880 in Langholm as well.  Mrs Tootlepedal walked up the town to do some business and I watched her pausing as she came back in some very heavy gusts to make sure Gavin’s tree wasn’t going to fall on her head before passing under it.


The wind was blowing at a steady 30mph now and gusting up to twice that and with the trees still in full leaf, the sound of it all was quite exciting or frightening depending on your temperament but Mrs Tootlepedal is indomitable so she suggested a walk just to get us out of the house.  We wrapped up well and strode off into the rain and wind to walk round Gaskells. She chose this route because the trees have already been felled there.

It was hard work just walking along Eskdaill Street straight into the gale.

Pool Corner
The river at Pool Corner was full but not flooding

Although the trees were lashing about, there was surprisingly little debris about and we battled over the Auld Stane Brig and turned gratefully onto the Gaskell’s path with the wind and rain now behind us. They have made a very good job of reinstating the path after felling the trees and we pottered happily along it.

The Wauchope running through the broad leaved trees that the foresters left

All went well until we go to the part of the path where steps have been put in to avoid an old landslip and the bank above the path has been shored up with wood.  This planking had become dislodged and was now blocking our way. We scrambled up the bank and went round the top of the obstruction feeling very adventurous, especially as we dropped down back onto the path.


It looks from this side as though it should have been easy to slip through the gap but there are two wires across which you can’t see in the photo and it didn’t look so easy from the other side.

The rest of the path was in good order.  Mrs Tootlepedal says there will be a fine show of foxgloves next year.

Looking back

Mrs Tootlepedal climbing towards the Stubholm

The council have repaired the track from Stubholm down to the waterside and we strolled down there and into the park. Here we were completely sheltered from the wind and the bit of peace was very welcome.

Buccleuch Park

The council planting used to be much more lavish but cuts in the number of plants and the time the men are given to plant and care for them have taken their toll.  They still look as good as you can expect them too.

In the evening, Luke came for his flute lesson.  Owing to first having been in the youth theatre and then having gone on a week long school trip, time for practice had been short but he still did very well.  His dad, who has useful skills, very kindly put the extra memory into my desk top while we tootled.

All in all, it was a very good day for such miserable weather.  The wind is set to continue tomorrow but the rain should ease off and after that, cycling looks very possible.

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6 thoughts on “Getting the wind up

  1. Just heard on the 6 o’clock news about the very bad weather in the north of England and southern Scotland. Doesn’t often make the news here so you have my sympathies! However it seems that Dropscone’s contributions and a good cup of coffee can make most things bearable. I laughed out loud at your description of the three wise men putting the world to rights.
    Keep up the good work, the exiles in scattered parts are depending on you. I loved the photo of the wee Scottish Kiwi!

  2. You appear to have made the best of a rather nasty day from the weather point of view. Glad Luke’s dad put the other memory cards in, your computer should go like lightening now!

  3. Very glad the gales weren’t tooo strong and that you managed an adventurous walk.
    Good luck with the plum chutney!

  4. Glad to see my tree did not fall on Mrs. Tootlepedal. Our two trees have been the subject of much discussion and argument between Mrs Graham and myself. She wants to see them both chopped down for which Buccleuch Estates would charge the pricely sum of £500 and I want to keep them although one of them is a wee bit poorly and may eventually have to be felled.

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