Winding down

Today’s picture shows the fine gates at Regent’s  Park in London. They are from another of my sister Mary’s walks.

Regent's Park Sept 2011 005
Of course, they don't quite match up to the new gates at Wauchope Cottage

The storm that was the hurricane formerly know as Katia only gave us a glancing blow in the end.  Today was a much better day with a lot less rain and a slightly less ferocious wind.  There was surprisingly little in the way of fallen branches or other damage round us and, all in all, we seem to have got off very lightly.

It was still too windy for me to think of cycling for pleasure so I idled away the morning doing nothing very much.  The high spot was a visit to the new grass.

grass shoots
You can tell it wasn't a very exciting morning if this was the high spot.

Mrs Tootlepedal’s mother is coming to visit us in October so I went to the Buccleuch Centre to add her to our tickets for a couple of concerts and luckily there were spare seats near ours so she shouldn’t be short of entertainment while she is here.

I did notice some birds outside the kitchen window.

great tit (2)
A very glossy great tit surveys the world
great tit blue tit
A great tit and a blue tit share the fat balls
coal tit (2)
...and a coal tit completes our selection from the tit family

I noticed on my return that the white duck was just at the back of the house again.  It seems to have taken up residence by itself here for some reason.  My duck skills are not keen enough to tell me whether it is a duck or a drake or weather it is young or old.  Perhaps a reader can help.

resident duck

After lunch, I went as usual on a Tuesday to man the tourist office at the Kilngreen and once again I had no visitors at all.  When I look at the log book, everyone else seems to have at least one visitor. It’s just not fair.  Still, I had no problem filling the time by reading two newspapers from cover to cover and doing two crosswords and some other puzzles in them. My bottom may have got numb but my mind should have been improved.

I took this picture of the front garden to give a general picture of the state of things. The golden box balls glow fantastically under the new street lights in the dark of the evenings.

front garden

We have been seeing a lot of flies about recently and you can see them on this astrantia along with what looks like a hoverfly.

astrantia with insects

The astrantia has done very well to hang on while the other flowers round it have gone under in the wind and rain.

The best show at the moment is Mrs Tootlepedal’s non-hanging basket in the greenhouse. It demonstrates what the garden might have looked like in a better year.

non hanging basket

Following advice from a gardening show on TV which Mrs Tootlepedal was watching, I have taken the leaves off the tomato plant in the greenhouse and am eating them as they ripen.


I am leaving the peppers to go red before picking them this year.  You don’t get so many if you don’t pick them young but it is very satisfactory to get such shiny bright results.

red peppers

I managed to find time to put a week of the E&L into the database and am keeping up with the indexers not too badly with the help of Sandra who is also entering the data.

As Mrs Tootlepedal was giving a talk on embroidery to the Tundergarth WRI, Susan very kindly did the driving to take us to Carlisle to play recorders.  Jenny, our usual hostess, was unable to take us tonight because her husband is not all well at the moment so we went to Heather’s instead where five of us enjoyed a good night’s playing.  As Heather has a electronic keyboard in her front room, we were able to play two quartets with harpsichord accompaniment which was a refreshing novelty for us.  We all send our best wishes to Jenny’s husband, Laurence and hope that his health improves soon.

The weather continues to improve and I am hoping to get the bike out tomorrow.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

7 thoughts on “Winding down

  1. The garden is fantastic. Not much potential firewood, however. All the same, if you have a notion to take down any of those trees, I’ll be happy to provide a consult!

  2. I had one tomatoe plant I put in a large pot for my husband. It grew very well but only produced a handful of tomatoes- it was a new variety for us called Heirloom tomatoes- but we were not pleased with the outcome. Your hedges look marvelous!

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